Important things you need to know about

Life is a journey not a destination .

It’s not what you aquire but what you learn and apply along the way .

The application of knowledge is a measurement of success .

Learning from your failures is a representation of success .

I love materialistic things too but to achieve any goal your priorities and your mind has to be in the right place .

If you don’t have a good head on your shoulders you are very unlikely to achieve anything worth while .

With that being said your biggest competitor is you and It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others .

When you start comparing yourself to others you expose yourself and will start making irrational decisions .

Your journey is unique and my journey is unique .


Furthermore there are different ways of achieving a goal .

You and I might want to achieve the same thing but choose different routes .

Not everyone that is successful is being honest .

Successful people want money, cars, jewelery just like you and I but some of them are selling dreams .

Very few are telling you about the hustle and behind the scenes work taking place .

The sweat, failure neglect and pain .

Everything harvest in season .

Give yourself a pat on the back and realize that it takes time for a foundation to set and it takes time for a fortress to be built .

You can lose everything over night but you can’t gain it over night.

Stop trying to force a result and allow the process to run it’s course .

If you skip steps eventually you’ll be back to square one .

Why not pace yourself and be patient ?

Do you not realize how much progress you have made already ?

Just for the mere fact that you have committed to the process is progress.

Progress isn’t just money clothes jewelry and cars .

Progress is educating inspiring and uplifting people too .

The journey is always going to be mysterious and there’s nothing you can do to control it .

What you control is your thoughts actions and attitude .


Life is like a roller coaster ride which makes it suspenseful and eventful .

No matter what you experience you will always have choices to make .

You can make a choice to do what’s right or do wrong .

Some of you want to debate what’s right and wrong however you can do that on your own time .

Now back to our discussion .

You need to asses yourself every now and then .

Don’t set deadlines but assign yourself task .

I don’t really like jotting down my goals , I would rather get them done .

If writing your goals down is feasible for you then go for it however ” a dream without action is a mere deception .”

Action breeds results and it’s action that’s going to give you a result to measure .

In other words get busy but be direct and intentional .

Me you or any one else can’t move faster than time .

I want to generate more money and accomplish other materialistic things too but I am patient .





Naturally every season has a season by nature so what makes you think that we are different ?

Your mind is geared towards success and not the process which is needed to achieve success .

As long as you keep learning and applying yourself the results you want will eventually manifest them selves .

Do not move along casually but move with urgency .

I don’t want you thinking that in being patient you shouldn’t be urgent .

Keep learning

Learning is crucial in every aspect of life however wise people learn from their mistakes not just success.

People attain knowledge but aren’t applying themselves .

What good is having knowledge if you aren’t applying it .

Be innovative

Measure success based on what you produce . If you aren’t producing how can you measure your progress ?

Progress is made when you make mistakes and correct the mistakes you have make .

Progress is not just in making money

Money can be used as a measurement of success however when it becomes your only priority you’ll run into issues .

Position yourself to attract money by solving problems .

Your time will come

Life is a blessing in of itself so every day is your day .

As far as achieving your goals and dreams that day of reckoning will come.

We all long for that day but Without hard work nothing grows but weeds .


You will suffer along the way without a shadow of doubt .

No pain no Gain .

Most of you want the results but you don’t want to deal with the agony of defeat .

Defeat shaped and molded me into the strong man that I am today .

Stop doubting yourself

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid Albert Einstein


The most solid resons why you should make an investment in yourself

Yes the greatest investment is in an investment yourself .

If you want to improve then you need to invest in you .

If you love yourself you will invest in yourself .

A dentist appointment or an annual check up with your physician is an investment.

Hiring a personl trainer is an investment.

People do these things frequently and don’t realize how big of an investment that it is .

You should be proud of yourself .

Smart people recognize the changes you have made and then look at you differently.

Look at the amount of people walking around with bad hygeine.

The person with bad hygeine doesn’t stand a chance of some one investing in them.

Now a person with good hygeine has self respect .

Change is not always physical sometimes it’s a promotion in the work place .

If you want others to invest in you don’t you think you should invest in yourself ?

Always be the example of the change you want to see .


What do you say about a person that is not willing to invest theirself yet they want the results .

In order to grow you must invest in yourself .

The investment could be in a book about realestate or seminar or something of that nature .

Investing in yourself indicates that you care about yourself .

You have to take the initiative in order to grow and move forward in life .

One of the grearest investments I have ever made was buying a few business books on amazon .

To this day I read the books repeatedly.

The knowledge I have gained and applied is pricless .


Had I not made the investment I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in today .

It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are an investment in yourself is your best asset .

When you invest in yourself your confidence jumps .

I am not telling you to compare yourself to others but when you start investing in yourself you move forward and ahead of others .

That is one of the reason why some people grow faster rate than others .

Investments are confidence boosters .

I take the time out to read every day .

The 30 minutes of reading time shapes my outlook every day .

If you value life you will make an investment of some sought .

Making An investments shows that you want something better ,it shows that you want to achieve more . It shows tht you aren’t getting complcent .

When you ask others to invest in you they will want to know what investment have you made in yourself .

If you haven’t made an investment in yourself the believability and trust is not going to be there .

You are what you attract and Since you are what you attract shouldn’t you be trying to be the best version of you ?

Settling for less but wanting more is not good .

If you want to be a better person you have to make the investment into yourself .

You have to display confidence in what you do .

How do you expect people to trust you to lead them if you aren’t taking initiative and setting the example ?

People will know whether or not you are a good investment.

Your demenaour ,the way you carry yourself attracts people or chases them away .


Do what you know works in your best interests ,so therefore if you need to upgrade your skillsets just do it .

A person that has self respect isn’t going to allow themself to go down the drain at all and if they fall they’ll pick themselves back up again . That’s what a person that has integrity does .

No it’s not about impressing people it’s about improving yourself as human – being .

Put yourself in the best position possible.

I invest my time and energy into socialmedia every day . What I am doing is priming myself to win big .Remember that Preparation is an investme too .

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3 potent net work marketing tips that will boost your presence

If you can stop being competitive you might be able to broaden your horizon and grow.

Go on linked in and you will find billionaires and millionaires networking .

Only poor people try to hold on to their knowledge while the rich enrich others with value .

Daymond John the founder of Fubu is on Linked in . 


Every time I get on linked in I make sure I comment on a post and offer some value

Doing so allows me to Indirectly promote myself .

I get messages on linked in regularly.

I look at business as a means to give value to others .

Being Competitive is secondary to me .

Anything I do In business I try to make sure that others benefits .

If that means referring a customer or a prospect to some one else that’s what I will do .

I have seen businessman living in a bubble .

They think by holding on to their knowledge they will benefit.

The only benefit in that is that you know something.

Ask those millionaires and billionaires why they share.

In reality information is abundant and if you are not willing to share it some one else will .

You will never find out what you can learn from others if you are close minded .

You can learn something that can change your life for ever.

The knowledge and brand recognition you get when you networking is absolutely amazing .

Even if you don’t people that are learning will figure out what you are doing .

In todays post we are going to learn about networking as business professionals .

As entrepreneurs we are very competitive so much so that we allow our competitive nature to become a liability.

In actuality there is nothing you can build or do without having learned something .

I know you don’t want to give the edge to the competition but there is no way you can prevent others from learning and surpassing you.

Let me give you an example.


A fashion that has a clothing line that they want to sell and gain exposure.

Do you not think that fashion designer isn’t going to reach out to  giant companies like Walmart and Amazon to get their products on the show room floor ?

In business you need relationships.

Relationships certify your brand.   

You never know when you will get a recommendation from another person  .

More over The world’s richest man Elon musk networks with others .

Any successful person networks  .

If you are operating in a bubble how can you possibly learn from other trades man ?

I understand some people like being in control of everything but unfortunately that is how time consumes you .

If you want more free time you have to leverage people.

You have to remember that networking allows you to connect with other people and leverage their  audiences  .

Not just that but if you are looking for employees your network can help you.

Then also think about people with money that want to invest .

My coach T spice is in the same niche as me.

He took note of me because of my posting consistency .

My Coach T spice offers me sound advice and engages with my content and he took the time out to host me on his Instagram live .

As you see there is power in networking .

I remember I used to be defensive and  didn’t even want to network .

For some reason I had in grained in my mind that what I learned was the only thing required for myself and people .

I was wrong .

My mindset changed once I started marketing across multiple platforms.

The benefits outweigh the disadvantages .

No matter what you do there is no way you can stop another person from doing something better or similar.

You keep holding on but nothing Is ever getting done .

Mind you I love idealistic people however I  don’t like the idea of holding on to an  ideas just to protect it .

Word of mouth travels fast and Is more effective than paid advertising.

Let’s go over a few tips

Think long term

Instead of thinking about what you can gain here and now think about mutual benefits .
As business owners we want as much as we can get .

In order to get you have to give.

Business is about people .

Money is an important variant in business but not as important as relationships and trust .

If you want people to trust you and be more interested in buying from your brand you have to give them a good reason to because no one is going to trust you without you demonstrating why they should .

Hence why it’s good to network with other brands .

I try to network with every day because I know it’s a powerful strategy .

Networking allows me to sell indirectly .

So All you really have to do Is make a meaningful contribution to get noticed.

This could work out well for brands on shoe string budgets looking to gain exposure .

Don’t be an information junkie 

To get to the point where you are at you have had to learn something or else you wouldn’t be where you are .

So why hoard information ?

At some point in time you should share your advice .

Suppose someone in the market reaches out and ask you a few questions ?

Are you going to say no ?

Saying no closes the door for opportunities .

Consultants get paid to consult for a reason.

The consultant is charging people for time spent sharing their knowledge.

Wouldn’t you like to charge people for your time and knowledge ?

It doesn’t cost a thing to obtain knowledge so  why be do hesitant to share it knowing eventually you can charge people for it ?

As long as you are open to learn you are more likely to network.


I know  some of you might say “Hell no I am not volunteering I am not getting paid.”

Volunteerism is another form of indirect marketing .

I volunteer for 3 charities and benefit handsomely.

I never went in with the intention of getting business and making money .

People have needs that need to be addressed no matter where you go  .

Once I started communicating people took interest because I have interest in them .

Communicating in these environments has allowed me to  build rappor and give people the opportunity to learn about me socially  and professionally. 


Come out of your shell and network with others. The doors that open when you network leaves for countless opportunities in business and life .

Do you believe in networking?

Share your thoughts down below please

The most important reasons why listening is vital

Are you a good listener ?

If you don’t listen and learn it is impossible to grow . Successful people are students of life. That means they they listen.

There is always people doing good that you can emulate.


I am a firm believer in learning from peoples mistakes too .

Without learning you can’t expand your thinking. This is why I am humble enough to submit myself .

Why not learn from people that have gone before me ? Knowledge is a powerful tool. The more you learn and empower myself the better off you will be.

I refuse to allow my accomplishment to prevent me from listening to others .

Look around you, search on the internet and you will find success stories to model .

As long as you keep your mind open to change you can succeed. I know as people we like giving advice but not taking it so much .

In order to be heard we must listen and if we are not willing to listen why should we be listened to ?

As long as I live I will learn what to do.

Learning from peoples failures is just as important as learning from their success.

There are a list of entrepreneurs that I listen to sbd read about on a daily basis .

As an entrepreneur I am always open and to listening and learning from my fellow entrepreneurs .

Learning is my forte despite me being stubborn at times . The one thing is for sure I don’t allow my ego to stop me from getting education.

There are people in this world that heavily influence me and one of them happen to be Nypsey hussle .I study people that have failed and succeeded because every great person failed somewhere along the way .


The reason why I study failure and success is to give myself guidelines of what to do and what not to do . People like studying success stories only but failure is inevitable .

Whether you like it or not failure is apart of the process. Any person that has achieved something meaningful in life will tell you the same .

As a student of life make sure you stay aware and alert. Do not taking nothing for granted .

When I learn from people that means I can take the knowledge and pass it on . This is why I am not afraid to rub shoulders with my competitors. I don’t see business as competition anyway it’s about service. I was on linked in no too long ago commenting on Garry Vaynerchuk post . You can pick up so much from other people and be better prepared but that’s only if you are receptive.

If you always look at people as your competition you will constantly block yourself from opportunity.

Closed minds and closed mouths never get fed. Knowledge is like food in the intellectual realm.

Listening and learning is what wise people do.

I have an ego but I know when and how to put it in check . As an individual my goal is to learn and progress so that I can impart my knowledge .

If you are not learning you leave yourself open .

Learning gives you the wisdom and insight to tackle and analyze problems .

This is why I listen to people with experiences to save myself the unnecessary heart ache and pain .

Fools are the only ones that know it all and wise people know there is always room to grow. It’s either you choose to be wise or foolish .

The whole thing about this is that some of you want to be heard but don’t want tolisten . If you ask me that’s very foolish.

I choose wisdom over foolishness any day eventhough I do foolish things from time to time.

So yeah let’s get focused and start listening more attentively. I could use a good brushing up on my listening skills .

People give you advice that you want to hear then some people give you the full scope. It’s easy to take advice from someone that is stroking your ego. People like that just want to be in your presence to benefit being around you.

Any one that I come across giving me advice that is not genuine,I don’t want them around me . I can detect fake people in a heart beat.

Even more dangerous people like that are misleading you . When you fail I guarantee they will not be around .

Why go along with half truths? Are you setting yourself up for failure?

What makes you think you are too big to fail?

The richest people in the world are constantly learning.


You have to keep an open mind otherwise you will cause yourself un necessary pain.

What are your view points about listening and learning


The most potent tips for marketers that work like Crazy


Are you sure that you are struggling online or is it due to a lack of patience .


I hear it often in groups “I am new online I set up my ecommerce site and I haven’t made any money”


I know that there are people selling you dreams .Yes it is very probable that you can make money online .


However this is where things start to  get out of control because we some measure results based on what others are producing .


And What ends up happening is that we lose focus and get impatient .


Yes there will be a struggle but most times in this particular case it is a lack of skill sets  and knowledge .


It takes time to harvest but first you have to plant the seeds 


Knowledge is not attained over night but if you apply yourself you will get desired results .


I know some of you are being influenced and or misinformed by self proclaimed “Gurus” 

Being new sometimes leaves you vulnerable 


I am not one to make excuses and I will not start now.


I am just giving you the facts .


But yeah it takes time to build a sustainable brand.


Anyone telling you otherwise is misleading you .


Some people make sales faster than others yes.


But you still cannot compare yourself to a person to whom you have no knowledge as to their background .


Some people come from a sales background .


Some of them have been around marketing for years unbeknown to you.


So when they do post results it appears as if they did it out of the blue and have you thinking that they are a new comer like you.


Affiliates ,marketers do that to entice you to buy their products.


What they are not telling you is that it took years of learning and practicing to make those sales on a daily basis.


But do not worry because I have some we magnetic tips that I will be sharing with you today.


There is a lot of game being played in the affiliate niche .


I prefer to play the game long term .I used to play the game short.


But Now I like to do research on a product Before I promote and or recruit.


One individual whom I learned a lot from over the years has a coaching program.


To make a Long story short I read a complaint saying that his coaching program is dated.


If I was to sell it I can make 15% commission off of a 10,000 Dollar transaction.


But I would not dare to, especially If I research and find  that his program is dated .


And this is not to discredit him in any way because he is good honest guy .


However A dollar today is worth nothing to me If I cannot get a return on it .


In other words I want repeat customers not one time sale unless I am selling assets or real estate.


But is your duty to do your due diligence before you buy and sell.


Knowing your customer base is vital.You need to get to a point where you deliver detailed products and services to your clients .


Do not be so quick to pull the trigger .Build rapport with your audience .


And if you are starting out and don’t know who your audience is you have to test.


Happy to be back editing and drafting.


Anyhow Let’s pick up where I left off.


If you are new to the game you should make it a priority to learn and take action.


Be  mindful Peopleo will put pressure on you to buy their coaching .


Trust me if you are not disciplined you will get drawn in . 


Everyone will approach you with a  “remedy ” .


Truth of the matter is the remedy is the work and effort .


No coaching program or mentor is going to change your life unless you take action.


A lot of times people like to compare taking action as an investment which it really is .


 The action that they want you to take is to make an investment in their affiliate products .


And if you are not careful you can end up chasing objects .


So please do not get confused .


It’s easy to get distracted when you see  see your fellow marketers getting  results .


It can send you in an economic  tailspin and you will not know your ass from your elbow.


Now there is nothing wrong with advertising results .


It is the manner in which affiliates go about it that gets my attention .


 They use is to entice you to buy .


But if you do not get the details as to what is going on then how can you benefit ?


Furthermore as marketer you need to know that  people with problems want solutions .


If you have the ability to solve and listen then you are ready to go.


But do not think for one minute that you can succeed without  giving value .


Everytime you give value you are building trust .And it is at this point when people give up  .


They give up because they do not understand the value and importance of giving people solutions .


Some of them think that they need special software or coaching .


Even if you did get a coach you would still  have to take action implementing what you are learning .


There is no way you are going to escape work.


Work is the center of it all.


More importantly give yourself time to bear fruit.


And do not compare yourself in the game to others .


When you do that you leave yourself open for licks .



There are people in the market that will use your kindness against you .


And when I say they will use it against you I mean  convince you that something needs to be fixed and that  their affiliate program or coaching is the solution.


I Am an affiliate marketer and I have made a few sales here and there .


I have people hounding me now .


They want me to join their team .


And if I do not make the investment I am not apart of their “team” so to speak.


And what type of message are you conveying to people when you think like that ?


To me that is saying that You only care if you buy something.


You do not want or need to make your customer feel that way .


 It is selfish and regressive .


Me personally I give and share value regardless of whether you buy or not.


I am here to build relationships .Yes I want to make more sales but I know that I must continue to build and network in order to do that.


My business model needs to improve too but that will not stop me from making sales.


Everybody that I know that has become successful has had to Put in time energy and effort.


No one  became a success story out of the blue .


Do do not be deceived because you haven’t achieved the results that you want in a certain period of time .


Instead,stay focused,tweak,innovate and keep going .


It is very important for you to remember this. 


Now As you move forward you are  much better equipped and aware  and able to handle and maintain business.


Just know that there is no secret to success .


Some people might not like what I have to say but Google,YouTube,Facebook,the library give information freely.


You do not have to go and pay someone to get the knowledge .


The knowledge is available no matter what 


Some of The “gurus” would argue against my point .


In reality people ,places, things ,technology is changing all the time .


And you sure as hell can’t buy success.


I am not against seminars or classes or coaching  in any way .


For example  I would go to one of Robert Kiyosakis real estate seminars because he is an active investor that gets results. 


I know that you think that I contradicted myself but I didn’t .


In this particular Case You would be learning action steps ,not so much on the practical side .


Robert has the experience and is showing you how to spot and close. deals .


And there is the difference .


Yes it is possible to come online and get explosive growth.


It does not come without sacrifice and discipline .


If your not focused then you can easily be mislead .


I have seen a few marketers start online and expect instant results .


There is no fixed formula but there is a process .


Things happen in sequence naturally .


If you plant a seed and nurture it come harvest time it will give birth to fruit .


The same thing applies in the cycle of business on and offline .


If you are breeding Vale daily it is only a matter of time before the sales start pouring in.


The key is to not focus on your competitors but learn from them and listen to your audience .


There are people watching me online itching to buy from.me .


With a little more time and patience I will have a big loyal customer base.


What you need to realize is that once you get your foot in the door people will buy from you with ease .

But you have to be patient before you can reach that level of trust.

It doesn’t take long to accomplish that goal .

Where marketers mess up is they pitch people their links the very first time .

Doing that pushes people further away from you then you decide to give up or hunt for the newest product program.

People will only spend their money in your establishment if they feel comfortable .

And you can get them to that point by giving them the solutions to their problems

You must also make sure that you are highly visible and active across social media channels.

Do not be a hog .If your only using one platform to market t,algorithm could change and you will experience a serious drop in traffic

That is why I  use multiple platforms to advertise my business.

I was a once a Facebook hog but I had to branch  out and flap my wings .


I was thinking that The big players were not highly visible on Facebook being that they use multiple channels to brand.

I was wrong .The big players have a strong following and influence across the board.

Plus if you want to grow you might want to learn from some of the world’s biggest names in the game.

And there is no need to feel insecure or ashamed .


All marketers have strengths and weaknesses .

Remember people like Guy Kawasaki have built huge followings of people  that him .

In this instance it is beneficial to align yourself with marketers like that.

But if you try to hide on Facebook like a clone people will sense that .

But if you are strong and visible across different platforms people will notice and trust you more.

Trust is the name of the game in marketing .Once you gain people’s trust you have the keys to unlimited sales .

Take the time out and think about what I am saying .

If you want sales and money you have to get in the trenches and get dirty.

You have to give value.

There is no coaching or programming to buy .

YouTube Google Facebook Twitter has tons of information for free from across the globe .

The world’s best sellers ,marketers ,Businessman,InvInvestors are online .


Do not be fooled or tricked into thinking that you are not doing good because you haven’t made a sale.

Do not compare yourself with other marketers because to do so is taking away from your personal achievements


Further more it is a dangerous road to be headed .

Stay focused and keep grinding .

What advice and tips do  you have for social media marketers ?

Is there anything that I missed that You would like to add ?

Thank you for coming along for the ride. .

I have so much in store for you in the future .

Let me know your thoughts on this article.

Comment loud and clear below