Serious reasons why you should attract and not chase

Chase the vision and the money will follow .

People get caught up into the theatrics and overlook the fundamentals needed .

Most people are chasing illusions .

The illusion is I don’t have to put time in to be successful .

People chase money not realizing that skillsets make people rich .

Rich minded people invest in personal development , poor minded people invest in things that don’t give them a return on their time and money .

Time is precious and I don’t have time to be coaching you about valuing life .

By now you should know what you want and if you don’t it’s time that you figure it out .


Motivation will get you started but discipline keeps you going .

Money will motivate you to do things but what is going to happen when you don’t make money ?

Most people fail because of their attitude and outlook towards life .

Set boundaries set goals but and be patient with yourself .

You can’t force a results and trying to do it goes against the law of nature .

Everything happens in time so therefore you have to be patient .

Solutions attracts money .

Positive mindsets looks for solutions and negative mindsets find problems for solutions .

The only stumbling block in your way is your mindset and your beliefs .

You can achieve anything that you want to achieve with the right mindset .

Wd can be on the same path but end up with totally different resuls .


The difference between us is our attitude and actions .

I understand the law of attraction .

In order to attract something specific you have to plant the seed and nurture the seeds .

You can’t manifest what you are not willing to earn .

If You want to attract money you can’t chase it you must apply yourself .

If money is your main motivation you are doing yourself a disservice .

I can’t stand being around money hungry people .

Money hungry people are dishonest and destitute .

The person with businesses skillsets and investments is the person attracting money .

How do you attract money you might ask .

What skillsets do you have ?

Are you an author or mechanic or computer programmer .

You can make money giving people advice I. e consulting Instead of chasing money .

Is that too much work for you ?

If that is too much work for you imagine how much the short cuts are going to cost you .

Don’t get distracted

In this day and age it’s easier to gain access to information .

Back when radio tv and print was the main source of advertisement we had to listen or read before or after work .

Now days news is mobile making it easier for us to access . Social media is addictive too .

With all of the distractions going on around us it’s even more important to stay focused on the task at hand .

After all is said and done you have choices to make .

It’s either you are going to make excuses or make progress .

Money isn’t an issue and money shouldn’t be an issue because money is something that you attract .

Yes I value money but I value my time even more . You want my time and I want something tangible in return whether it be money or knowledge .

Some people make it harder on themselves because they aren’t solving and adding value to peoples lives .


We all have 24 hours in a day . People find time to do the things that they want to do . If you have a goal and a dream and you really want to achieve it you’ll find the time for it .



Non offensive reasons why some good people can be an horrible investment

Can a good person be a bad investment ?

Your answer to the question is yes but maybe not for the reason you think.

I am the type of person that has to get value for my time .

I am not going to pamper or wrestle with any one to do anything however if you have the desire to do it I will know .

If you don’t have the desire to do it you Won’t do it .

My time is precious so therefore I maximize it .

You learn a lot about people as time goes by .

Some people are not suited for business but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon them but do deal with them according to the level they are on .



I learned how to separate business from pleasure ages ago but here recently I fine tuned my approach to help me be more approachable and sociable.

In other words instead of dismissing people that aren’t business orientated my association with them would be casual.

It is all about learning how to deal with people on multiple levels .

If some one is talking stupidness or doing idiotic things cut them loose .

When it comes to business it is more personal and you have to have a certain level of professionalism to meet my standards .

If you don’t meet my standards I wouldn’t deal with you on a business level .

Not every one that I come in contact with is a good investment but that doesn’t mean that they are a bad people .

I don’t look down on people but I know how to deal with them .

I like to look at peoples track records before I make decisions to invest my time energy and money into them .

If I know some one is always behind on their bills or chooses not to pay their bills they wouldn’t be getting a dime from me .

I am very skeptical of who I do business with .

People make the mistake of mixing business with pleasure .

Friends and family doesn’t play out and you usually end up with the bad end of the stick .

Business is not about friendships it is about service and solutions .

People are out here bribing ,securing deposits and running away with people’s money .

You cannot be reckless in the selection process you have to vet people carefully .

People’s attitudes will give you the answers you need .

Even something as simple as taking care of your hygiene is a telling sign .

A persons presentation says a lot about them too .

If you can’t show me that you have invested in yourself I definitely wouldn’t back you .

A lot of times people want you to pull all of the weight while they do nothing at all and I cannot deal with people like that .

As adults there are certain levels of responsibility and standards you should hold.

Every aspect of your life is important so don’t place an emphasis on the dollar place an emphasis on time ,solutions i.e value .

Some people aren’t worth your time but you won’t be able to weed them out if you don’t value time .

Your biggest mistake is having high expectations of other people .

Set standards but don’t expect other people to think like you .

Be optimistic but do know that people make errors in their judgement .

Some people do things maliciously yes however you have to discern and determine if the person is making a mistake or doing it out of spite .

Yes there are people that will go to great lengths to deceive you and undermine you but as long as you are aware of the people you are dealing with you should be alright .

This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get fooled or make the wrong call .

Mistakes will be made so you have to be some what flexible .

Still to this day I have to work on my tolerance because certain things irritate me .

After all of my experiences I have been successfully able to change my mindset and my company.

Everything I endured has taught me some valuable lesson although some were harsh but it all made me wiser .

That is one of the reasons why I could easily determine whether some one is a con artist or not .

I have dealt with many tricky people in my time so I know the ins and outs.

I didn’t say that I know everything so lets nip that in the butt .

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You should know what you are looking for before you decide to invest your time money and energy into into people.


The most solid resons why you should make an investment in yourself

Yes the greatest investment is in an investment yourself .

If you want to improve then you need to invest in you .

If you love yourself you will invest in yourself .

A dentist appointment or an annual check up with your physician is an investment.

Hiring a personl trainer is an investment.

People do these things frequently and don’t realize how big of an investment that it is .

You should be proud of yourself .

Smart people recognize the changes you have made and then look at you differently.

Look at the amount of people walking around with bad hygeine.

The person with bad hygeine doesn’t stand a chance of some one investing in them.

Now a person with good hygeine has self respect .

Change is not always physical sometimes it’s a promotion in the work place .

If you want others to invest in you don’t you think you should invest in yourself ?

Always be the example of the change you want to see .


What do you say about a person that is not willing to invest theirself yet they want the results .

In order to grow you must invest in yourself .

The investment could be in a book about realestate or seminar or something of that nature .

Investing in yourself indicates that you care about yourself .

You have to take the initiative in order to grow and move forward in life .

One of the grearest investments I have ever made was buying a few business books on amazon .

To this day I read the books repeatedly.

The knowledge I have gained and applied is pricless .


Had I not made the investment I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in today .

It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are an investment in yourself is your best asset .

When you invest in yourself your confidence jumps .

I am not telling you to compare yourself to others but when you start investing in yourself you move forward and ahead of others .

That is one of the reason why some people grow faster rate than others .

Investments are confidence boosters .

I take the time out to read every day .

The 30 minutes of reading time shapes my outlook every day .

If you value life you will make an investment of some sought .

Making An investments shows that you want something better ,it shows that you want to achieve more . It shows tht you aren’t getting complcent .

When you ask others to invest in you they will want to know what investment have you made in yourself .

If you haven’t made an investment in yourself the believability and trust is not going to be there .

You are what you attract and Since you are what you attract shouldn’t you be trying to be the best version of you ?

Settling for less but wanting more is not good .

If you want to be a better person you have to make the investment into yourself .

You have to display confidence in what you do .

How do you expect people to trust you to lead them if you aren’t taking initiative and setting the example ?

People will know whether or not you are a good investment.

Your demenaour ,the way you carry yourself attracts people or chases them away .


Do what you know works in your best interests ,so therefore if you need to upgrade your skillsets just do it .

A person that has self respect isn’t going to allow themself to go down the drain at all and if they fall they’ll pick themselves back up again . That’s what a person that has integrity does .

No it’s not about impressing people it’s about improving yourself as human – being .

Put yourself in the best position possible.

I invest my time and energy into socialmedia every day . What I am doing is priming myself to win big .Remember that Preparation is an investme too .

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The most important reasons why financial literacy should be taught independently

You cannot keep relying on the educational system to teach you and your kids financial literacy .

There are people that manage money really well in America .

You have to break bad spending habits in order to free up cash .

What you do with money is the most important thing .

Lets say you make 50 dollars per-week and save 15 % you are doing good .

How many times are you going to go broke every pay check before you start paying attention .

Learn from the mistakes of others .

If I am the person saving %15 I would take that money and invest it into merchandise and start selling the merchandise on Ebay , Facebook market place ,Amazon to earn a return on my invest ment .

It is amazing how some of you don’t have the money for investments and your bills but you have it for a vacations clothes and concerts .


Some people don’t understand budgeting and why they should budgeting.

It took me a while to grasp the concept however I always understood the importance of saving .

It takes responsibility to save but alot of people are good savers .

What people are lacking is the understanding of compounding interest .

I understand you work a 9 -5 and some of you are self emoyed but at some point you have to invest the money and let it work for you .

The responsibility is yours to educate your self and your children on financial literacy .

The educational system isn’t going to implement real estate or stock market or entrepreneurship into the cirriculum , so you can forget that !

I think it is irresponsible to rely on a system that is designed to produce working class citizens to teach financial lireracy .

How much longer are you going to keep beating on that drum ?

I do not expect the educational system to change anytime soon and like hell if I am going to waite .

The biggest mistske you can make is to kee relying upon the educational system .


It is time to start thinking and doing things independently .

Finincial literacy can be taught in your household.

When I say “financially literacy” I mean understanding compounding interest and knowing the difference between working for money and having your money work for you .

A lot of people know how to save but however when the cost of living goes up the dollar depreciates .

Inflation eats up any gains you made in the bank .

When you invest your money you end up paying less to uncle sam then the averag person .

Most Governments seem to reward the investors and punish employees by taxing them to death .

When the cost of living goes up the burden of the cost is passed on to the tax payer .

There is no conspiracy where the rich are some evil people like some of you think . There is a such thing called “tax loop holes ” which any one can take advantage of .

Do you realize that business income is taxed at a lower rate than employee income?

You can donate capital gains to charities and reduce your taxes .


If you are willing to do your research and learn you can become better with your money management skills .

Like anything else you have to apply yourself .

Start disciplining yourself. Read the business section of the news papers , grab a few books from the library and or Amazon .

Listen to podcast and watch YouTube videos and be sure to apply what you learn .