The most solid resons why you should make an investment in yourself

Yes the greatest investment is in an investment yourself .

If you want to improve then you need to invest in you .

If you love yourself you will invest in yourself .

A dentist appointment or an annual check up with your physician is an investment.

Hiring a personl trainer is an investment.

People do these things frequently and don’t realize how big of an investment that it is .

You should be proud of yourself .

Smart people recognize the changes you have made and then look at you differently.

Look at the amount of people walking around with bad hygeine.

The person with bad hygeine doesn’t stand a chance of some one investing in them.

Now a person with good hygeine has self respect .

Change is not always physical sometimes it’s a promotion in the work place .

If you want others to invest in you don’t you think you should invest in yourself ?

Always be the example of the change you want to see .


What do you say about a person that is not willing to invest theirself yet they want the results .

In order to grow you must invest in yourself .

The investment could be in a book about realestate or seminar or something of that nature .

Investing in yourself indicates that you care about yourself .

You have to take the initiative in order to grow and move forward in life .

One of the grearest investments I have ever made was buying a few business books on amazon .

To this day I read the books repeatedly.

The knowledge I have gained and applied is pricless .


Had I not made the investment I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in today .

It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are an investment in yourself is your best asset .

When you invest in yourself your confidence jumps .

I am not telling you to compare yourself to others but when you start investing in yourself you move forward and ahead of others .

That is one of the reason why some people grow faster rate than others .

Investments are confidence boosters .

I take the time out to read every day .

The 30 minutes of reading time shapes my outlook every day .

If you value life you will make an investment of some sought .

Making An investments shows that you want something better ,it shows that you want to achieve more . It shows tht you aren’t getting complcent .

When you ask others to invest in you they will want to know what investment have you made in yourself .

If you haven’t made an investment in yourself the believability and trust is not going to be there .

You are what you attract and Since you are what you attract shouldn’t you be trying to be the best version of you ?

Settling for less but wanting more is not good .

If you want to be a better person you have to make the investment into yourself .

You have to display confidence in what you do .

How do you expect people to trust you to lead them if you aren’t taking initiative and setting the example ?

People will know whether or not you are a good investment.

Your demenaour ,the way you carry yourself attracts people or chases them away .


Do what you know works in your best interests ,so therefore if you need to upgrade your skillsets just do it .

A person that has self respect isn’t going to allow themself to go down the drain at all and if they fall they’ll pick themselves back up again . That’s what a person that has integrity does .

No it’s not about impressing people it’s about improving yourself as human – being .

Put yourself in the best position possible.

I invest my time and energy into socialmedia every day . What I am doing is priming myself to win big .Remember that Preparation is an investme too .

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