Important stories about life and difficulties that you need to know now

Get uncomfortable to get comfortable .

Todays efforts set the tone for what’s to come tomorrow .

It’s easy to get complacent .

We are only as good as what we do today why are we not challenging ourselves daily ?

I prefer doing things that make me uncomfortable so that when difficulty arises I’m prepared .

When the pandemic hit our shore lines the world was taken by surprise .

Few if any of us were prepared for what was to come .

That just goes to show you that today we have the world tomorrow we can end up with nothing .

To thrive one must be a resourceful innovative thinker .

Comfort zones give a false sense of safety hence why you should be learning and evolving .

There’s one that we all have in common and that is we have something to lose .

Whilst I am thankful I am also striving to achieve more .

Some people are content where they are with what they have as they have every right to be but that’s not me .

I want maximum value for my time and expertise .

Get comfortable asking for what you want .

Get comfortable being rejected .

Rejection is apart of the process of being successful .

I am comfortable asking for what I want because I know my worth .

The worst case scenario is the person saying no .

No means next opportunity .

Can you achieve anything magnificent without facing turmoil ?

I am not saying you’ll always face challenges but I am not going to say that you won’t .

My duty is to be transparent with you at all times .

The truth ruffles people’s feathers but do be honest regardless of the back lash .

I would rather go without certain things for a short while rather than obtaining them in a unethical Way .

The only things I need are food clothes, shelter and good health .

Everything that isn’t a necessity I will work towards while on my path to success .

You want everything now because you don’t have Patience and discipline .

Haste makes waste and when you get anxious people notice and will take advantage .

To me it’s like you don’t want to live without the non essential items until you get yourself in position to do so .

Living beyond your means is a big hinderance .

If you don’t have the money in your budge why borrow money to obtain it ?

So you are going to borrow money and be at the mercy of another person just to feed your ego ?

If you don’t have it what’s the worst case scenario ?

Can you not prioritize what is and what isn’t important ?

Every week it’s the same thing with you .

The ultimate truth you need to know about leadership and responsibility

There are resources available for you but you don’t use them .

Your greatest resource is your mind ?

Learn to get comfortable being who you are .

Outside of being comfortable with who you are get uncomfortable .

Don’t settle for a measley wage , don’t settle for less than what you are worth .

I don’t care if you are short on funds at no point should you cheat yourself just to get the money .

No one is going to tell you to charge more for your time .

If you choose to work for less then that is your loss .

Start operating with a mindset of abundance and not scarcity .

You shouldn’t feel guilty for saying what and how much you want for your time .

The worst that a person can say is no .

No means next opportunity .

You expect everyone to say yes .

As soon as some one says no you give up .

You need to understand that no is a universal unisex answer .

In other words the word no has no limits .

When people ask you for something are you wrong for saying no ?

I don’t know if you’ve been spoon fed most of your life but if you have I’d advise you to snap out of it .

When you are used to things going your way all the time the slightest bit of difficulty will discourage you .

I am not saying being uncomfortable is the best feeling in the world however it’s necessary to get to the next level .

In order to achieve your goals of living in lavish apartments ,buying sports cars you must first put in the work .

As of right now whilst working towards those things your health and happiness and peace of mind is paramount .

Without your health and strength how can you enjoy the finer things in life ?

Living in the trenches should inspire to achieve more.

It’s not easy living in poverty however you can use your situation as a stepping stone .

The struggle helps people like myself to appreciate the hustle .

I have my health and strength but I am not living lavishly like I want but rest assured I’m hustling ever day so that I can .

I am an optimistic person working towards my goals every single day .

Hard work and strategy is my ticket out of the struggle .

I want lavish apartments and fancy cars too but I also want the work and effort that comes with wanting those things ..


It’s time to open up your mind and prioritize what’s important and what’s not . Charge towards your goals but do not get anxious to obtain anything . When you become anxious you become vulnerable and when you become vulnerable people are more likely to exploit you .


7 powerful things to think about that will enhance your oife

Live life to the fullest .

I did some dumb things in the past and wasted a few years of my life .

With that being said I’ve learned and obtained a deeper appreciation for the things I took for granted like time .

Life is the most precious gift as are our kids and our health .


The only moment you have is the present hence why it’s a gift .

I don’t condone my bad behavior how ever I don’t regret anything either .

Everything I endured helped to shape and mold me into the man I am today .

I have come a long way .

Some day I will leave the earth but until then I’ll continue to strive .

I’ve lost a few of my peers to gun violence and the prison system .

I have a much deeper appreciation for life now than ever before .

. I didn’t value time and look where that got me .

Time is ticking

Some will get it and some won’t but to each is own .

It’s not my job to manipulate or force my idealogies upon you .

I know what I am doing with my life .

You need to be intentional and direct every day .

In other words walk with purpose .

When you mature and progress your outlook changes and that’s when you start appreciating time .

I am not a fan of wasting money or time .

Time is precious which means you don’t have time to be in the midst of people jerking you around .

Some people love taking advantage of peoples time and money .

I don’t have time to waste so therefore I weed out imposters .

Furthermore people are entitled to do what they want with their time .

When you interact with a person like me you can’t be talk rubbish .

I know I am dismissive sometimes when I shouldn’t be but I won’t hesitate to end a conversation without a warning.

Everyone has a voice but not every one brings forth substance in conversations .

Time is precious and I don’t have time to be bickering with you .

People will baite you into arguments just to distract you .

When the distraction becomes the focus you lose

People will always do and say things that you dislike however they can’t make you feel a way without your consent .

As I’ve matured I’ve learned not to take everything personal but to listen and learn .

Listening and learning will help keep you alert about the dangers and benefits .

People say and do things to provoke certain actions out of you however when they see they aren’t getting the reaction they want it takes them out of their element .

You need to learn and understand people

Humans are emotional by nature .

Some of us know how to control and contain our emotions better than others .

We live in a cold world however we have been blessed with the gift of life .

Time is not on no one’s side for we don’t know the day not the hour when our number will be called

It’s either you sieze the moment or continue on as you have been doing all along .

I was caught up but I snapped out of it .

Some of you are caught up now but I know atleast one of you are going to be inspired to change after reading this .

Some people don’t snap out of it but I am confident a few of you will .

You being at a breaking point is critical at this juncture of your life .

1 decision can change your life which means you have the ability to right your wrongs and change course .

I did it but it didn’t happen over night .

Take Small steps or big steps daily

Learning from others Is important

There’s a difference between learning from people and following them

I am a student of life .

Learning helped get me to where I am today .

Any one encouraging you to follow them does not have your best interest .

I have seen people get in positions of leadership just to manipulate and entice people to help push their negative agenda

Focus on you .

Know how to deal with people

Don’t associate with thieves and liars .

Some people are good at masking their true feelings .

I am good at reading people which makes it easier for me to categorize them .

Certain people I don’t want around me period however if those person’s are in the same vicinity as me I automatically adjust .

When it’s all said and done

When the lights come on and the noise stops it’s just you .

If you want to believe that everyone around you is your friend so be it .

As soon as you face a major dilemma they’ll disappear .

I don’t have friends any way and when I was broke and homeless no one was checking up on me besides my family .

Before I was broke and homeless certain people were communicating with me on a regular basis .

They weren’t going to help anyway and I wasn’t expecting them to .

I am only telling you this so that you don’t get caught by surprise .

Make your goals, your life and your family a priority .

Don’t be out here trying to fix everyone else’s problems .

You have your own challenges to face .

There’s only a handful of people that genuinely love you .

If you was to go to jail or die only a handful of your family members will mourn you .

Yes what I am saying sounds a bit harsh but it’s needed .

I am giving you a wake up call before you learn the hard way .

Everyone is fighting

Sometimes it the grass is greener on the other side sometimes it’s not .

Not everyone that you think is losing is losing .

Not everyone that you think is winning is winning .

Deal with people based on what you experienced with them and not based upon other people’s opinions however keep your guard up .

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How to deal with malicious customers giving bad business reviews

Why buy something then complain about the price on line ?

So you mean to tell me the cashier rung up the item charged you and you without you knowing the price ?

People like you live beyond your means .

Here you are giving a company a bad review because you think they are expensive .

You made the purchase yet you still have the nerve to complain about the price .

The cost of living isn’t the problem ,your spending habits is your problem .

Stop with the nonsense, take ownership .

It’s customers like you that need to be held accountable

Not all money is not good money .

Sometimes You are better off referring people else where .

I own a mobile detailing business and Certain demographics of people I don’t deal with .

My business services classy honest people .

I turn down people quick .

Companies should implement policies that protect their staff and their brand in the event of fraudulent behavior from customers .

Right now there’s nothing in place to protect the company or deter customers from mis representing the brand .

People need to know there are consequences for being malicious .

Customer service is always emphasized but there’s nothing in place to protect the company .

The industry I am in makes it easier for me to weed people out .

I saved myself time and money not dealing with certain people .

People will give you a bad review for absolutely no reason.

I can see if you was the recipient of bad customer service but for the price of an item that you purchased ?

The minute you walked into that establishment you knew you intended to buy something .

Don’t act like it’s your first time walking into a business establishment or do you want me to believe that you don’t check prices ?

Find somewhere else to shop or open up your own business .

Criticizing people is easy to do .

Sometimes as a business owner you have to analyze and make rational decisions to support an protect your employees and your brand .

Right now there’s really nothing in place to protect the employee from an abusive customer .

I don’t want everyone’s money .

The headache is not worth my time and energy .

Yes as business owners we have to tighten up and ensure that we provide good customer service.

With that being said there needs to be guidelines and strategies in place to protect and weed out unruly customers .

When people go online complaining about prices after buying an item is very distasteful and malicious .

That’s a defamation law suit .

Some people go out of their way to disregard others .

This is why it’s important to be professional honest and valuable to others .

Your reputation is your life line to a large degree .

You can’t afford to ruin it and you can’t afford to allow people to drag your name through the mud without representing yourself .

This does not mean that you should argue and prove people wrong .

It means to deal with things based on morals and principles .

When people know you’ll hold them accountable they’ll be less likely to try ruin your reputation .

I don’t care about people’s opinions but I wouldn’t allow you to misin form the public about me .

Like I said you don’t have to prove a point .

When you walk with dignity, integrity people automatically know who you are and what you stand for .

Remember actions speak .

Don’t let people run over you but treat people with respect .

People that dis respect you need to be put in their place .

Outside of that don’t jeopardize your well being or peace of mind .

I just have away that I go about weeding people out .

To me It’s easier to do it when it’s business to customer .

The first few words that come out of your mouth will help me determine whether or not you are a good customer.

I can sense bad aura .

I know when someone is going to play money games .

If I gave some one bad customer service and they blasted me on social media I could live with that .

What I don’t support is people purchasing products then complaining about the prices .

.The people complaining about prices are usually people that spend recklessly .

Don’t go into a business establishment buy something then grumble about it on line .

If that’s the case you might as well go and shop somewhere else .

Blasphemy is what best describes what you’ve done

. It’s unjust for businesses establishments to be subjected to such behavior . There’s a benefit in it too .

1 You get free advertisement .

2 Your brand is the topic of discussion

3 The people that know better will defend you People will give positive reviews and people will give you bad reviews .

That’s to be expected however the malicious behavior needs to be monitored and curtailed .

People need to know that there are consequences for their actions .


We emphasize more about customer service than we do protection for brands and employees . Yes there are businesses whose customer service is horrible . I am talking about businesses that go over and beyond to satisfy customers .


The most inspirational. Message about money , life and people

Don’t get me wrong because money is a tool .

It’s when money takes priority and control of your mind things spiral out of control .

You can’t assign value on life, happiness and healthiness but you can assign a value to your net worth .

Money should be attracted not chased .

Having a peace of mind and a stress free life is what it means to be living abundant .

Time is precious so therefore you need to maximize every single minute .

I do know as humans we can get distracted if we aren’t focused on what’s important .

None of us are getting a second chance to live life so we might as well live it up in a sensible fun way .

People get caught in the web of the matrix chasing that dollar bill .

Most people work to pay bills or save a little bit of money for retirement . There’s more to life than working to retire .


What about work life balance ? People chasing that dollar bill get burnt out and lose sight of what’s really important .

Do you not know of people working day in and day out to pay off 30 year mortgages ?

30 Years is a long time to be paying down on the interest and principle of something that you thinks an asset when in actuality it’s a liability .

So for 30 years you are a slave to debt and most of you still can’t enjoy life after because you are cash strapped .

Stress is a killer .

Working endlessly without taking time out to enjoy the finer things in life is a sure way to make yourself sick .

Most people chase money because they don’t know any better .

Instead of you slaving for your money why not have it working for you ?

Time can’t be replaced and if you are always working how can you enjoy life ?

If you think about it we have the power .

We can live without money .

I know some of you say things like money isn’t everything .

Most of you that say money isn’t everything are the ones complaining about not having it the most .

When I say money isn’t everything I mean it doesn’t take priority over my health and peace of mind .

I had to get that straight because money is a tool that I value and utilize . It’s just that I don’t thirst for it but more so apply myself to attract it .

With that being said I think it’s time for you to re think and asses your life .

Are you happy ?

Do you really enjoy doing what you do for a living ?

Are you frustrated and burnt out ? We have to get to the bottom of this . I have seen people lose their jobs their families, their homes and commit suicide .

Most people are accustomed to living a certain lifestyle and when they no longer can’t they end up depressed .

Diamonds are formed under pressure

A lack of patience on your part is hindering you and causing you to resort to desperate measures .

When ever money is your sole motivation there’s bound to be destruction .

There’s no need to be thirsty for money .

When you are focused on personal development you’ll naturally enhance yourself .

The more you learn and apply yourself the more likely you are to increase your value .

The value of life is unmatched . There’s nothing no one can say or do to devalue your value unless you allow them to .

Yes it feels good to have money in your pocket and money in the bank but not at the expense of health and happiness .

Money can buy you nice things but it can’t buy you self love. There are people with an abundance of money that are happy, healthy enjoying family life.

There are people on the opposing side with money depressed unhealthy and lonely .

Like I said I value money andI also invest money but I am not desperate .

When you become desperate for money you become vulnerable . When people know that you are desperate and vulnerable they’ll exploit you .

Neither money or the love of money is evil . I love money but I don’t rob and steal and or do unethical things to obtain it .

The law of attraction is real .

Make this the day that you no longer slave to the dollar bill .

If you aren’t happy working that job start investing your money into stocks bonds or real estate.

If you are really in need of money jump into garage arbitraging, sign up and become an ebay or Amazon affiliate .

Sign up on fiverr gigs and get a few quick hustles as well . I understand that you are in need of cash so I decided to give some quick tips to help get you to reach that goal .

There’s no need to resort to desperate measures as there’s lots of information readily available to assist you .

With the human mind any thing is possible .

You can generate money with the implementation of an idea .

People think you need money to make money when all you need is a solution .

Don’t allow your thirst for money to confuse you . Be mindful of what you speak into existence and what you do .

Every day should be a day where seeds are planted and nurtured.

You can turn things around but first you have to change your way of thinking .

You are your only competitor . It is you who is standing in between you and the realization of your dreams . Remember that money is a tool not an essential .

If you want to attract cash you must first be a person of value . Look at your current circumstances .

In order for this to work you have to take inventory of yourself and act . Assess where you are mentally .

If you aren’t happy that means something needs to change from with in .

If you aren’t happy now accumulating more money won’t do anything but make your problems worst .

There are people with tons of money that “buy friendships” so they can avoid being lonely.

When people know that you have money they are more than likely to ask for loans.

When you have boat loads of money and people don’t know it makes life easier .

I have seen people allow money to end friendships and partnerships . You noticed I said “allowed ” right ?


Like I said” I value money and I love money” however the difference between me and others is that I use skillsets to attract it as opposed to chasing it . Chasing it will lead you on a dark path

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5 very important things we need to know about life and challenges

Do you care what others think ?

I listen to people but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to take their advice .

I stay alert and aware but I don’t take things personal so if a person does something I don’t like I’ll hold them accountable and move on .

People are going to talk about you regardless .

Imaging going through life reacting to every little thing people say and do .

Don’t tolerate disrespect however not everything deserves your attention your time and your energy .

Sometimes people do things to distract you .

Seeing how short life is my energy is being invested into places and people and the things I love.

Anything or any person that I am not connected to does not deserve my time and energy .

Before we came on planet earth humanbeings communicated and will continue on when we are dead and gone .

Life is a cycle which means what ever you do comes back in some way shape or form.

Do you not think that the people talking about you don’t have people talking about them ?

There’s nothing you can do to control people’s actions and thoughts however your thoughts and actions .

Why do you focus on other people so much ?

On this journey we will meet new people and encounter new challenges .

People talk about me too for the simple fact that they are insecure and intimidated .

The way people think and feel about others is a reflection of themselves .

Shouldn’t you be focusing on yourself and your loved ones ?

The most important things about life politics and balance

I love when they talk about me .

When you allow people’s compliments or negative sentiments to affect you you are giving them power and control over you .

When people compliment me I take it with a grain of salt .

The same people complimenting you today will be the same people demonizing you tomorrow .

As long as you know who you are and what you stand for that’s all that should matters .

Always focus on you and what ever else it is that brings you joy and happiness .

you want to me and getawày with it . It’s guaranteed the situation will get addressed by me in a heartbeat

Don’t allow the distraction to become your focus .

When the distraction becomes the focus it’s game over .

People will do things intentionally to mis lead you .

Everyone has an agenda including me but the difference is my motive .

I don’t trust people so therefore nothing they do surprises me .

Some people think I am crazy for the simple fact that I move differently and keep to myself.

Pursuing your goals and dreams is perceived to be weird in the eyes of most people .

If you look around your town your city or your neighborhood you’ll notice most people operate the same way .

I know grown adults that buckle and fall victim to peer pressure .

Very few people think for themselves and that’s ok .

I am content being labelled a weirdo or a freak .

As long as I know I am on the opposite side of the fence as the majority I’m fine .

Being a follower is for losers .

People smile in each other’s faces just to turn around and talk about the person behind their back .

I call them back stabbers

They see what you have going on and secretly admire you but don’t have the courage acknowledge you neither do they have the courage to pursue their dreams .

Ignore the signs and pay the price

If you ignore the signs you must pay the price .We all know right from wrong so there’s no excuse for making bad decisions . I made bad decisions in my life however I made sure I owned up and took responsibility of my actions .

Analyze people

Not everyone is genuine and not everyone is out to cause you harm however most will .

Be weary of people no matter what .

Learn how to Differentiate

The spirit of discernment is going to give you the ability to spot and pinpoint things they eyes cannot see . People get upset with me because they can deceive me .

If I was gullible (naive ) they’d love me but since they can’t take advantage of me they hate me .

Most people love people that they can take advantage of .

I read people’s energy

I read into people’s vibe real quick .

I listen to how you talk and I observe how you carry yourself .

People are good at putting on a front but majority of the time their words don’t match their actions .

People will do any and everything that’s perceived to be good just to win you over .

When people start acting too nice alarm bells rings off in my mind .

I have seen and experienced alot so I definitely know what to look for and who not to associate with . The lesson is the most important Drop your books lose your lessons.

Every experience is meant to teach us something but if we don’t learn the lesson more than likely we’ll repeat the mistake . I learned the hard way a few times however I Wisened up by learning and also holding people accountable .

This is why it’s important to learn the lesson when people disrespect you or try to tarnish your reputation or do anything unethical for they will circle back.

They circle back after a period of time hoping you have forgotten so that they can give you the same treatment again.

When they come back and see that youdeclining their offers they realize that you aren’t stupid like they thought you was .

Some people will play you for stupid

People only do what you allow them to do so don’t hesitate to cut ties with people and move on.

I trust my instincts and I trust that most people will do things that I dislike so that I a don’t get caught off guard .

Nothing surprises me

In this day and age and world we live in anything is possible .

When some one does something incredible that was thought to be impossible to me it’s normal .

Say on the flip side a person does something hideous It won’t surprise me .

I am not allowing myself to be taken for a joy ride .

Somethings do get my attention but nothing is going to distract me from doing the things I love .

I do things that are considered abnormal in the eyes of society .

As long as I know who I am and what I’m doing that’s all that matters .


Like I said people talk shit all the time but it doesn’t matter to me . Disrespect and opinions are different . You can say what you want about me but I wouldn’t allow you to say anything .

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Important things you need to know about life and Success

Mistakes are meant to help you learn and grow .

Anything worthwhile isn’t achieved without set backs .

Making mistakes doesn’t make you less of a person .

If you aren’t willing to make mistakes then you sure aren’t going to succeed in .

Failing to learn from your mistakes is a sign of incompetence .

There’s lots of people procrastinating because they fear failure.

How can you accomplish anything if you aren’t producing ?

Do you not know that you are making a mistake by not trying ?

People associate risk with action but If you really look at it everything we do is an action .

To help give you clarity let me dive into more detail .

Every one makes decisions and decisions are actions .

When you decide not to do something you are making a choice which is an action .

Now that you are armed with more detail you can apply what I am teaching .

You don’t have to be talented to be successful however you need to be disciplined .

People get motivated ,set new years resolutions Christmas time but end up reneging .

Applying yourself and learning consistently gives you an advantage over every one else .

Most people with dreams and goals fail do to a lack of discipline .

If you plant a seed and don’t nurture the seed nothing will grow .

When it comes to goals you can’t start then abandon them then expect to harvest fruit .

Without a shadow of doubt discipline and patience are synonymous .

If you have discipline to do productive things your chances of success are much higher than a person that’s not disciplined .

There’s no way to guarantee failure or success however you can differentiate yourself and increase the likelihood hood of you achieving your goals by simply Applying yourself .

Life is not always going to be what we want it to be or go according to plan however when things don’t go accordingly remain stead fast and don’t get bent out of shape .

Things pop up unexpectedly however you must not allow these thingsto become a distraction .

When a problem arises find solutions as quickly as possible so that you can move on .

No matter what we are faced with there is a solution .

It’s time to stop doubting yourself

Your biggest competitor will always be the person in the mirror . This doesn’t mean people will not try and make things complicated for you but do know that you have the power and control to direct yourself .

Prioritize in order of importantance

When your priorities are screwed everything darn thing is screwed, when your priorities are in order everything else false in place .

Don’t stop learning

The only way to keep growing is to keep learning and to keep applying yourself ,when you stop learning you start dying .

Don’t allow your ego to get the best of you .

An uncontrolled ego coupled with complacency is a killer of success .

Just remember that the greatest attributes of successful people is their willingness to learn .

Two days are never the same

Some days everything clicks then there are days when it seems like everything is going wrong but that’s just the nature of life .

Failure is a teacher

Failure is a great teacher that hits people different .

Some of us use failure as stepping stones and others allow failure to get the best of them .

No matter what you are faced with think beyond your problems .

If you can’t think clearly it’s impossible to focus .

In order to function one needs to relieve themselves of all distractions .

We all fall

Everyone falls but not everyone gets back up after falling .

Don’t pay attention to the people out here pretending because they’ll mis lead you .

Besides having life no one wins every day .

Be honest with yourself and people will trust you more.

It’s either you become the person investing in yourself growing or be the person that’s stuck in the past .

Let go in order to move forward

We must not allow our mistakes to define us . We should learn from our mistakes for it’s our ability to learn that will determine where we go in the future .


Difficulty and failure can be great teachers if we learn from our mistakes . If we don’t learn to correct our mistakes everything we do wrong will be an excercise in vain . The goal is to come out on the other side empowered . I went through great difficulty but I never allowed it to define me .

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The most important things about life politics and balance

Politics is a sensitive subject that can consume and distract you if you allow it to .

We cannot control what politicians do however we control our thoughts actions and our votes unless we voluntarily accept bribes . Juswake up in the morning you have decisions to make .

Just by waking up in the morning you are making a decision to do something .

Make your goals, your health and your kids a priority or focus on superficial things like politics and things beyond your control

Ofcourse stay alert and aware of what’s going on in your country and excercise your vote if you choose .

When politics and religion takes center stage your goals and dreams get neglected .

I could care less about who is in office although Donald Trump is an exceptional person and the best person to govern the United States .

My well being and my child’s well being is my priority .

You keep blaming politicians for being in the position that you find yourself in .

What you should do is look in the mirror and realize that you are responsible where you are .

When you realize that you are responsible for manufacturing your dreams you’ll make progress .

I know people that are politically aware that don’t get caught up into the mess .

Dreams and priority is first .

I get my dose of politics but I don’t enertain those conversations until after I have full filled my daily obligations .

5 of the most harsh truths about life and failure

I would listen to Donald Trump for the simple fact he’s honest and economically astute other than him I wouldn’t listen to these other politicians until after my work is done. .

I understand the nature of politics .

People like buying into dreams and politicians are good at selling dreams to people.

Furthermore a politician can’t sell what you aren’t buying .

What you should be do is investing your time and energy into yourself , people and things that benefit you .

If something doesn’t benefit you then don’t do it because whatever consumes your mind becomes your focus .


Politics is a hot subject here in Bermuda but it’s not my priority .

My priority is my Son ,my goals and my health .

No one is going to create a better lifestyle for you besides you so snap out of it .

When you are playing political games you have to pick a side and defend a party .

If some one ask me a political question I will give them an answer and move on .

I don’t have time to debate ,race ,politics unless I am getting paid a handsome sum to do so .

Politicians get paid to talk buyt you and I don’t so why defend them ?

Start doing what’s in your best interest .

Relying on the system and your parents as an adult creates co dependence .

People get upset and bent out of shape when politicians renege on their promises.

The person you should be mad at is yourself as you are the one that made the decision to vote for them .

Politicians do what they do to get paid so you need to do things that benefit you and stop idolizing them .

You won’t be having issues with them if you judged their resumes instead of making irrational decisions based on race .

Furthermore no one is forcing you to participate in any political event .

The smart people know where to draw the line , the people that are not wise don’t .

Most people caught up into politics are not critical thinkers .

Politicians are smart enough to target emotionally vulnerable unintelligent people .

When I say vulnerable I mean people that are emotionally and racially driven.

A politician can’t penetrate the mind of a sovereign thinker .

I used to get caught up in political debates and marches until I realized that what I was doing wasn’t benefiting me .

Participating in political events.

My mission is my priority meaning my Son ,my goals ,my health, immediate family and other people whom I love .

Anything Outside of my mission is secondary .

“Don’t allow the distraction to become the focus ”

Whilst you argue and waste time proving whose right or wrong to feed your ego opportunities are passing you by .

There’s a time and place for everything .

I talk and engage with only a handful of people about politics but I don’t take it personal .

The conversations I have with the minority are very fruitful .

Problems will occur when you have conversations with blind loyalist about political matters .

I am not left or right wing

I am with the truth and that’s what separates me from others .

I am always open to listen and learn however I will draw a line real quickly if you try forcing your beliefs upon me .

Most people stuck into the web of politics are driven by race and not logic .

Politicians deliberately put out mis information to confuse people .

You can’t blame the Politician for being a politician however you can and should take responsibility for being a follower .

You can make changes but you must first start with you

If you can’t help yourself how are you supposed to help anyone else?

I see people at the fore front trying to lead people without having accomplished anything worth while in their personal lives .

Before you volunteer your services to lead make sure that your back yard is clean .

If you don’t have a vision you are going to lead people off of a cliff .

I do know that some of you have an ego that you can’t contain .

You want to be seen as smart and militant in the eyes of people .

Choose your path then make adjustments along the way

Everyone has different ideologies, ideas and dreams but I’d rather keep chipping away at my goals .

I understand the nature of politics and I understand the nature of people.

With that being said I don’t allow what politicians do affect me.

You keep getting sucked in because you keep playing their games .


Politics has been around for years upon years and the nature of the beast isn’t going anywhere as of now .

You have power and control of your thoughts your actions and your feelings .

When you accept the fact


A few harsh motivational things you need to know about automation

I don’t mind automation however automation can be annoying too .

In some instances I would rather communicate with a robot instead of a human .

Some people take things for granted and become complacent .

I embrace technology however I do think that a balance needs to be struck .

Powerful things that businesses do to stand out

The world is changing rapidly on a daily basis .

Each and every day a new Idea is born .

Change is the only thing guaranteed but it doesn’t mean we need to change everytime something new comes about .

In order for us to stay ahead of the game we have to test and learn .

As long as you are learning you’ll be fine .

Automation is useful but nothing beats human interaction .

when I call a business and interact with robots and the robots ask me the same question over and over it becomes inconvenient .

Then there are times when I call overseas to get intouch with a manager and have to deal with robots which I don’t like .

When you call places like Amazon you interact with robots and not humans .

While Amazon is a convenience to the world it’s also an inconvenience when you have to call and deal with a serious matter .

It’s not like you have a direct number to speak to a manager or CEO to get your problem resolved.

It’s almost like these businesses are using automation as a shield between the business and the customers .

I want things to be done the right way and not in away that is disruptive snd or troublesome .

It’s bad enough we have to deal with hackers and spammers .

With that being said I do expect more businesses to automate .

5 powerful ways to conquer problems in life

Where there’s automation there are job losses which is to be expected .

There are just certain departments that I feel shouldn’t be automated.

There are sections of business es that automation will help run more effeciently .

If I am testing and I find that automation saves me money and produces a higher quality at a faster speed I’ll use it

In the process of using automation I wouldn’t over look the importance of having conversations with people.

Too much automation isn’t a good thing hence why a balance needs to be struck .

i do think some establishments have gotten complacent and forgotten about their customers except when it’s time to sell their products and services.

  • All ways look ahead

The future is ahead of us not behind us .

In order to move forward we must look ahead of us and keep learning . There’s always something new on the horizon however the only threat to your growth is you .

  • Don’t be afraid to change

Chenge is inevitable whether you participate in that change or not . It’s your job to keep educating yourself and moving yourself forward .

  • Think long-term

Dont just think about today think about the future . You can make short term gains today and lose everything tomorrow so take heed .

Don’t prioritize money over growth

Use automation where it’s mutually beneficial and not just convenient .

If you value money over growth eventually you will receive back lash from customers .

Is saving money in 1 or 2 departments worth losing customers .

There are pros and cons to everything .I see some brands gaining more market share and winning people over as their rival brands automate more and more of their departments .

  • Automation does not spell death

Automation is a threat to jobs but it’s not a threat to human evolution .

If anything we should be driven to keep enhancing ourselves .

After all our minds are needed to program the systems that we see as a threat


Life is ahead of you . Don’t look back but make sure that you learn from your mistakes and other people’s .


Significant reasons why you should change your behavior

Trust everyone to be who they are but trust in the fact that you see them well DMX

I am very skeptical of who I have around me because bad company corrupts good character.

I have come too far to allow my reputation to be ruined .

I don’t have time for ingorance neither am I willing to or going to compromise .

I stand to protect my sanity and I am not spending time trying to convincing people to do better.

People are going to do what they want which means a person might not ever change and if they do it’ll be on their time .

A person with a mind made up to continue on with their bad behavior is a person that doesn’t want help .

There’s nothing you can do to influence change upon some one that doesn’t want to change .

Do know that “what you do in the dark comes out in the light .”

There is a saying that goes like this “What doesn’t come out in the wash comes out in the rinse .”

You can’t mask your true intentions for ever furthermore everyone isn’t going to allow you to pull the wool over their eyes .

Me personally I don’t like liars and thieves .

All it takes is for 1 lie to put yourself in a hole .

So when you lie you are going to either

  1.  confess
  2.  continue on lying .

All of the effort that you are putting into lying can be used to tell the truth .

There’s no reason to lie but people do it .

Let’s be clear here , I am not advising you to tell the world your personal business .

With that being said you have to stop lying to yourself first .

Secondly you must be forthcoming .

Insecurities and a will to maintain and mask a false image is detrimental .

The truth will always remain no matter how much you lie .

Eventually the lies will catch up with you hence why it’s better  to speak the truth .

Living in Denial only serves to keep your personal illusions going .

In your mind you think you are getting away  so you keep on doing it .


Lying and stealing isn’t healthy yet you still do it .

In order for you to fix  your problems you must first identify your trigger points .

All of us have triggers but when you recognize those triggers you can subdue and contain them .

I know for a fact that some of you know what triggers you but won’t do anything to address the problem .

  • Be honest with yourself

The best person to be honest with is your self because If you are honest with yourself you will be honest with everyone else .

It’s not that people can’t be honest with themselves in some cases  but more so a lack participation on their behalf to make the changes needed .

  • How much longer do you think ?

How much longer do you think you can get away with your nonsense ?

Do you not know that you’ll be exposed at some point?

When you lie and steal you have to look over your shoulder in addition to that you can’t sleep at night .

  • Look in the mirror

We all have issues to deal with however being in denial is the only stumbling block in your way . 

The longer you deny that a problem exist the longer it’s going to take for you to heal and move forward .

If you want a better life you have to apply yourself .

  • Accountability

If you don’t take accountability you aren’t going to grow .

I am not saying that you need people however the people that are helping you are watching you not help yourself .

If you aren’t willing to help yourself then you don’t deserve help .


Life is about choices and  the decisions you make today will shape your tomorrow .




The Cold hard facts you need to know about living in denial

The only thing we can do about the past is learn from it or dwell on it .

The ultimate truth you need to know about leadership and responsibility

Life can be difficult at times however we still have choices even under the most extreme circumstances .

I made a personal choice not to dwell on the past as I chose to learn from it People that dwell on the past are delusional and broken . Every thing that I done in the past both good and bad can only be a memory at best .

I don’t even reminisce my days of victory and triumph so I definitely am not going to dwell on the negativety. The future is ahead of us so that’s where we should be looking .

I am not down playing the trauma and disappointments that  you are living with but at some point  you need to deal with your problems  so that you can heal .

In order to heal you must also acknowledge  that a problem exist .

Losing loved ones ,getting divorced isn’t easy however you have to get over your disappointments in order to appreciate life . 

There are some of you that are ungrateful and entitled .

We are entitled to death  and what ever we  work for .

Some you like dwelling on the past to try avoid the process and therapy that    change requires .

There are several people that I know  that haven’t shifted their mindsets .

Learning is the most important thing you can do  because life grants us lessons every day . 

I had to look in the mirror too so you are not alone . 

I have done things in the  past that I am not happy with however  my past doesn’t  define me .

When I say let go and move on I mean heal yourself and learn from the ordeal so that you can move forward . 

Healing can’t take place until you are willing to accept and put in the work  .

The remedy for healing  is in seeking solutions whilst rehabilitating your mind to function differently.

Listening to a podcast,changing environments , behavior and your company can heal you .

Dealing with people that done you wrong

The first thing you should do is forgive yourself .

The person that done you wrong has to live with that fact for  the remainder of their lives .

When people do you wrong make sure to learn the lesson , treat them accordingly and never allow them back into your life.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean turning the other cheek

Forgiveness means you holding   people  accountable without giving them power and control over you .

Forgiveness means you’ve learning  and gfrom the ordeal . 

Remember we reap what we sow .

The culprit has to deal with you holding them accountable plus the ora associated with their bad deeds . 


The future is ahead of you

I know it’s obvious but dwelling on the past is like driving forward  while looking in the rear view mirror .

Whatever doesn’t serve a good purpose shouldn’t be in your life  so get rid of the access baggage . 

Not healing from your trauma is equivalent to walking around with open wounds .

If you don’t heal eventually you will feel as if you have the weight of the world around shoulders .

Some people don’t want to let go

There are people that intentionally dwell on the past to try  justifying  their bad behavior .

If you are committed to  change you’ll change . 


Living in denial gives you the illusion of comfort .

Furthermore your problems will always be with you until you decide to deal with them head on .

There’s no escaping reality .

Instead of you facing your problems head on you would rather not face them 

Excuses is the key word that comes to mind here .

You have to make up your mind  to do better for yourself .

I made up my mind that I wouldn’t be a victim of my circumstances .

No one changed my mind but me .

I chose to do things differently for my own good .

I wanted healing and I knew that I had to put in the work if I wanted  to benefit .

As long as we live we will face challenges .

If you aren’t willing to face your challenges and conquer your fears life will  beat you down  . 

If you are  not willing to give yourself a chance don’t expect others to do it  .





Everyone has a story to tell 

We can’t turn back the hands of time however we do have the power to dictate our future .

The future is ahead of us, the past is behind us so shouldn’t we be looking forward ?

Holding on to the bad memories and trauma of yesterday is toxic .

Your lack of willingness to acknowledge that you need to change is hampering you .

Take Responsibility

Now is the time for you take responsibility for where you are and where you need to go .If you apply yourself you can and you will be successful.