10 poweful and easy ways to prioritize resolutions and goals

I have nothing personal about setting goals.

I like when people sit and discuss what they set out to do in the new year but never do anything .

When Christmas comes people get excited about their new years resolutions. .

Some people don’t follow through .

Why set goals if you aren’t following through .

I can see if you outlined a plan and used it as a map to get you where you need to be .

Discipline is they key word.


Me personally I do not set goals , I prefer to take action however I have a habit of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to get certain things Done .

Other than that I do what I set out .

To me setting goals has become popular especially during the Christmas holidays .

There are people that jot down their goals and act on them so kudos to them .

Rather than get excited about setting new goals pull the trigger emmediately and manifest .

As soon as the new year starts people stop adhering to the goals they set .

Most people lack the discipline to materialize their dreams .

I have seen it play out over and Over .

“In the new year I am going to quit smoking and start excercising more.”

People that talk like that aren’t serious about p change because if they were they’d make adjustments .

Any one can talk about change but not every one is willing to put in the work that is required to make a positive change .

There’s nothing wrong with setting goals but my preference is just not to set goals .

If you are a goal setter find balance . When you set goals set goals that coincide with your daily routine and tprioritize them.

If you are setting goals and neglecting them that is a personal issue .

Some of you are focused so that is not an issue .

On the flip side there are those of you that have bad attitudes .

Attitude determines your altitude

I think it’s good to set goals only if you are willing to act upon them . Success is a process and a journey not a destination.


You could have good intentions but if your actions don’t align with your intentions nothing will materialize .

Make it a priority

If there is something you really want to fet done I know you would get it done .For example your friend invites you out to the pub you are going to jump up and go but if you are invited to the gym you probably wouldn’t attend .

Busy schedule

I know some of you have kids and a 9 =5 but you have to strike a balance so that you can have time to work on the things you love .

Don’t hesitate

When you know you have free time you should be maximizing it .When you alocate time for something do it ,get it out of the way and goof around afterward .

Work in silence

Don’t get caught up in the hype

Some people need other people around them before they make a concerted effort . The world’s biggest success stories were built in silence , meaning no one was around applauding whilst the work getting done . The noise comes along after the result.

Don’t be addicted to the noise .Some people climb fast and fall just as fast . Your main goal is to focus on you and put your atrention where it belongs .As long as you keep learning and failing your day will come .

Don’t waite until the new year

Now is the time to make a change because tomorrow never comes . People that talk about their new years resolutions either don’t follow through or start and stop with in days . The present moment the only thing guaranteed so why waite ?

Habits bring about change

In order to form new habits your actions have to align with your thoughts. Alot of people have the ideas but lack the discipline .

Step by step

Success is a process and a journey .You shouldn’t be comparing yourself to others for your journey is unique .

I would say most people aren’t too excited about the process hence why most of them give up on their dreams . You definitely need to start discipling yourself .

Discipline is the mother of success

If you lack discipline nothing worth while will materialize. There will be days when you are not motivated to do anything but on those days discipline will bring carry you .

Life gets tough but it is your willingness to persevere in the face of difficulty that sets you apart . The average perspn is not willing to invest a few extra hours per day to work on a goal . Your commitment is going to show me how dedicated you are .

Don’t tell me show me

Actions speak louder than words but alot of you are fronting .You should know that you can only front for so long .The mask will come off . Stop acting . There is no such thing as faking it until you make it because fake is not real , What do you get out of lying to yourself ? You might think you are lying to me but you are only cheating yourself out of a good result .

Anything you want in life requires effort .

Hating people, lying to people ,being rich, being poor requires effort . Where do you want to invest your energy ? I don’t even have to ask you if you are sticking to your resolutions to know if you are . Walk the walk . Don’t just talk about it be about it .If you are going to say it do it unless you want to be known as a imposter .


I know when people are talking to impress people putting on a front but their true intentions always get revealed. .

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