How to easily make failure your Friend

“Success is not final and failure is not fatal .”

After reading todays post you are going to be alot more confident .

I want you to stop trying to control the out come .

Failure opens the door for learning opportunities but to some degree you have to be nonchalant .

I have learned to get comfortable failing so when things don’t go my way I don’t take it personal .

The problem is that people are looking for a specific out come and when they don’t get it they feel they failed .

We all know in life things happen in season and for a reason .

We have control of ourselves however we cannot control the outcome .

Failure is the key to success .

Most people will read what I am saying and misinterpret it .

I used to think failing was the worst thing to do .


If you really think about it failure is the fore father of success .

We are human so naturally we tend to run away from failure .

When you take time to appreciate life you would appreciate how much of a great teacher failure is .


Some lessons are more painful than others .

Some people live in fear of failure and in doing so cripple their own growth .

As long as you live you will fail .

I know it’s easier said than done .

I know failing can be tough but it gives you something to build upon .

Would success be as much of a big deal without failure ?

Would failure be as big of a issue as it is if it wasn’t for success ?

Most people I come in-contact with want a better lifestyle ,so it’s not the material achievement but even more so the accomplishment itself .

The accomplishment is success but I think what intimidates people the most is in failing while trying .

Some people don’t want to experience failure but the fact of the matter is we cannot live without failing.

If there was a way of avoiding failure I want to know but whilst my thinking is wishful I know that is a fantasy .

Face your fears and the only way to get over your fear is to do what you fear the most .

A new way of living and thinking can be scary but everything that is worth while takes courage.

The Fear factor is serious .

Failure is a great teacher however If you keep trying to runaway from it you will never learn and grow .

As a matter a fact until you learn your lesson you are bound to repeat the same mistake over and over .

Every person has failed multiple times .

The courage to keep going and learning in the midst of failure seperates the successful from the unsuccessful.

The person that looks at failure and uses it as a stepping stone is going move much further ahead in life .

A person that looks at failure as the worst thing in the world will always be afraid to try different things .

You must not allow your fear of failure to control you .

Self belief no one can teach you how to believe yourself but you .

Again I say ” you can’t run from failure because it is adversity that builds character. “

It is not un natural to fail .

When you slip or fall down do you give up or do you get back up and walk again?

When you are late for an appointment do you stop making plans or stop going to places ?

Everything I just mentioned is representative of failure .


Failure is the greatest te but wise People learn from other people’s mistakes . When you make a mistake own up to it correct it and move on .

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