Save money easily using basic effective powerful strategies

Whats the best way to acquire financial education ?

I am sure you have heard your grand parents say open up a bank account and “save your money.”

Whilst I think it’s smart to save money at the same time it useless . Saving money won’t help you as inflation eats up the gains you made from the low interest rates that the bank gave you .

This is why it’s important to invest money into capital appreciating assets so that your money csn work for you while gaining compound interests.

You can get the financial education you need in any of the following platforms YouTube,Forums ,Library Podcast ,Read the business section of the news papers .

You should know what you want to do before you make an investment .

Real estate ,Stocks ,Bonds ,Retail Socialmedia marketing ,publishing bookds, become an Inventor.

Which ever one you choose there is opportunity for you to learn and grow.

I can’t choose a niche for you but I would advise yout to learn about compounding interest.

Compounding interest is interest on top of interest.


You need to learn and get hands on experience instead of going to university getting black board lessons . This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to college .

The reality is no amount of schooling could prepare you for inflation or a recession .

Inflation erodes the value of the dollar .

You should learn about tax loophole laws in your country so you that you can keep more income .

If you tell the average person you make more but pay less taxes their going to think you are apart of a conspiracy group .

Some people think that minimum wage is going to solve their financial problems .

The financially un educated have to realize that what ever incriments you get in pay uncle sam is going to tax you at the same rate .


A 40 % tax charge on one hundred thousand dollars is 40 thousand .

A 40 % tax charge on 1 million dollars is four hundred thousand dollars .

That is nearly half of your income gone .

Take into consideration the people living lavishly beyond their means .

What This means is that people are spending out more than they are bringing in .

So if you give a financially irresponsible person a pay increase, they would only increase their spending.

Their increased spending means they aren’t going to make any gains .

Making more money just to spend more money makes absolutely no sense .

You should get into the habit of budgeting . You definitely need to start monitoring your expenses a .

No it’s not a sin to buy nice things but don’t do it and leave yourself in debt .

Stressing yourself out to pay bills is never a good thing .

Some people live from pay check to paycheck but I bet if you audited their expense column you would see some items that are not needed.

People like living beyond their means then wonder why they are always behind on payments .

You know that you only bring in a certain amount every month so why take up loans and get credit cards to put yourself in a hole ?

Looking good is one thing but feeling good and having a healthy bank account is another .

I know of people making monthly car payments that borrow money just to make sure their bills are paid .

If these persons were to cut back on expenses they would be able to free up some cash for other things .

I know of people struggling to manage their money so it comes into one hand goes right back out the other .

Some people are just financially irresponsible.

Learn and understand the art of doing more with less . It is not so much what you make but more so how much you are willing to invest and save .

Lets say you make 1000 dollars weekly and 4000 dollars monthly .

If you are frugal you would Pay rent under 1000 dollars or 1000 dollars maximum .

No cable , get internet data package for your phone or use public wifi .

Utilize charitable organizations and churches for hampers and dinner .

As long as you have the necessities like food ,clothes and shelter you are good .

Out of that 4000 dollars 1 thousand would go towards rent .

120 .00 on your light Bill .Gas for transportation no more than 100 per week .

You can always commute to work or drive to the nearest ferry terminal and ride a ferry boat across to work to save gas or you can catch the bus .

You have got to learn how to cut cost and eliminate what is not a necessity.

Going to the club on a friday Night spending 150.00 dollars is not a going to help you to save and grow money .

Then when you factor in your outfit that’s another 350 dollars .

I used to withdraw 150 dollars from my bank account weekends just to party on friday nights .


I was reckless with money at one point in my life too until I started thinking long term and also investing my money . nances

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