Significant reasons why you should change your behavior

Trust everyone to be who they are but trust in the fact that you see them well DMX

I am very skeptical of who I have around me because bad company corrupts good character.

I have come too far to allow my reputation to be ruined .

I don’t have time for ingorance neither am I willing to or going to compromise .

I stand to protect my sanity and I am not spending time trying to convincing people to do better.

People are going to do what they want which means a person might not ever change and if they do it’ll be on their time .

A person with a mind made up to continue on with their bad behavior is a person that doesn’t want help .

There’s nothing you can do to influence change upon some one that doesn’t want to change .

Do know that “what you do in the dark comes out in the light .”

There is a saying that goes like this “What doesn’t come out in the wash comes out in the rinse .”

You can’t mask your true intentions for ever furthermore everyone isn’t going to allow you to pull the wool over their eyes .

Me personally I don’t like liars and thieves .

All it takes is for 1 lie to put yourself in a hole .

So when you lie you are going to either

  1.  confess
  2.  continue on lying .

All of the effort that you are putting into lying can be used to tell the truth .

There’s no reason to lie but people do it .

Let’s be clear here , I am not advising you to tell the world your personal business .

With that being said you have to stop lying to yourself first .

Secondly you must be forthcoming .

Insecurities and a will to maintain and mask a false image is detrimental .

The truth will always remain no matter how much you lie .

Eventually the lies will catch up with you hence why it’s better  to speak the truth .

Living in Denial only serves to keep your personal illusions going .

In your mind you think you are getting away  so you keep on doing it .


Lying and stealing isn’t healthy yet you still do it .

In order for you to fix  your problems you must first identify your trigger points .

All of us have triggers but when you recognize those triggers you can subdue and contain them .

I know for a fact that some of you know what triggers you but won’t do anything to address the problem .

  • Be honest with yourself

The best person to be honest with is your self because If you are honest with yourself you will be honest with everyone else .

It’s not that people can’t be honest with themselves in some cases  but more so a lack participation on their behalf to make the changes needed .

  • How much longer do you think ?

How much longer do you think you can get away with your nonsense ?

Do you not know that you’ll be exposed at some point?

When you lie and steal you have to look over your shoulder in addition to that you can’t sleep at night .

  • Look in the mirror

We all have issues to deal with however being in denial is the only stumbling block in your way . 

The longer you deny that a problem exist the longer it’s going to take for you to heal and move forward .

If you want a better life you have to apply yourself .

  • Accountability

If you don’t take accountability you aren’t going to grow .

I am not saying that you need people however the people that are helping you are watching you not help yourself .

If you aren’t willing to help yourself then you don’t deserve help .


Life is about choices and  the decisions you make today will shape your tomorrow .




The Cold hard facts you need to know about living in denial

The only thing we can do about the past is learn from it or dwell on it .


Life can be difficult at times however we still have choices even under the most extreme circumstances .

I made a personal choice not to dwell on the past as I chose to learn from it People that dwell on the past are delusional and broken . Every thing that I done in the past both good and bad can only be a memory at best .

I don’t even reminisce my days of victory and triumph so I definitely am not going to dwell on the negativety. The future is ahead of us so that’s where we should be looking .

I am not down playing the trauma and disappointments that  you are living with but at some point  you need to deal with your problems  so that you can heal .

In order to heal you must also acknowledge  that a problem exist .

Losing loved ones ,getting divorced isn’t easy however you have to get over your disappointments in order to appreciate life . 

There are some of you that are ungrateful and entitled .

We are entitled to death  and what ever we  work for .

Some you like dwelling on the past to try avoid the process and therapy that    change requires .

There are several people that I know  that haven’t shifted their mindsets .

Learning is the most important thing you can do  because life grants us lessons every day . 

I had to look in the mirror too so you are not alone . 

I have done things in the  past that I am not happy with however  my past doesn’t  define me .

When I say let go and move on I mean heal yourself and learn from the ordeal so that you can move forward . 

Healing can’t take place until you are willing to accept and put in the work  .

The remedy for healing  is in seeking solutions whilst rehabilitating your mind to function differently.

Listening to a podcast,changing environments , behavior and your company can heal you .

Dealing with people that done you wrong

The first thing you should do is forgive yourself .

The person that done you wrong has to live with that fact for  the remainder of their lives .

When people do you wrong make sure to learn the lesson , treat them accordingly and never allow them back into your life.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean turning the other cheek

Forgiveness means you holding   people  accountable without giving them power and control over you .

Forgiveness means you’ve learning  and gfrom the ordeal . 

Remember we reap what we sow .

The culprit has to deal with you holding them accountable plus the ora associated with their bad deeds . 


The future is ahead of you

I know it’s obvious but dwelling on the past is like driving forward  while looking in the rear view mirror .

Whatever doesn’t serve a good purpose shouldn’t be in your life  so get rid of the access baggage . 

Not healing from your trauma is equivalent to walking around with open wounds .

If you don’t heal eventually you will feel as if you have the weight of the world around shoulders .

Some people don’t want to let go

There are people that intentionally dwell on the past to try  justifying  their bad behavior .

If you are committed to  change you’ll change . 


Living in denial gives you the illusion of comfort .

Furthermore your problems will always be with you until you decide to deal with them head on .

There’s no escaping reality .

Instead of you facing your problems head on you would rather not face them 

Excuses is the key word that comes to mind here .

You have to make up your mind  to do better for yourself .

I made up my mind that I wouldn’t be a victim of my circumstances .

No one changed my mind but me .

I chose to do things differently for my own good .

I wanted healing and I knew that I had to put in the work if I wanted  to benefit .

As long as we live we will face challenges .

If you aren’t willing to face your challenges and conquer your fears life will  beat you down  . 

If you are  not willing to give yourself a chance don’t expect others to do it  .





Everyone has a story to tell 

We can’t turn back the hands of time however we do have the power to dictate our future .

The future is ahead of us, the past is behind us so shouldn’t we be looking forward ?

Holding on to the bad memories and trauma of yesterday is toxic .

Your lack of willingness to acknowledge that you need to change is hampering you .

Take Responsibility

Now is the time for you take responsibility for where you are and where you need to go .If you apply yourself you can and you will be successful.


How to generate leads for attraction marketing without a budget

Is it even possible to generate leads without a budget ?

We’ve heard statements like, ‘if you want quality leads for businesses, it has to be ads or nothing. Although running ads is a good idea, it is a game that favors people with the biggest budgets, and it could be difficult for small businesses or if you’re just started to keep up with the cost.

But one thing I’ve come to love about marketing is that for any budget, there’s always a suitable campaign that can set you up for success. Even if you don’t want to spend a dime on ads. There’s still a campaign for you. 

From my experience, paid advertising does not always guarantee success. When advising small businesses, I tell them to focus on attraction marketing because it offers sustainable results at little or no cost.

In this article, we will go over attractive marketing and how you generate leads at no cost!

Yes! at no cost, but before we dive in, let’s get to know what attraction marketing is.

What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is a way to get people to buy a product or service. It works by giving people useful information about an item before getting them to buy it. It’s a great way to get new leads and keep people loyal to your brand.

You’d understand this concept better if you’ve tried to woo a woman. You know how it goes, from looking good to always trying to make her laugh with your words, taking her to the nicest restaurants, making the environment cozy when she’s around, and generally anything that would make her fall for you.

Attraction marketing is similar; the only difference is you won’t deal with your spouse but with customers.

In attraction marketing, you make customers purchase your products without any form of coercion or disruptive marketing, 

You would have to come up with customer-centric content. You could use blog posts, videos, images, and carousels, but remember; the concept is anything organic that would make your potential customers fall for you.

Attraction marketing is an effective sales strategy; however, without leads, there are no customers to attract. So let’s now see how you generate leads for attraction marketing at no cost.

How to generate leads for attraction marketing at no cost

It’s not rocket science to get leads for attraction marketing, but I’m going, to be honest with you, you have to put in some work. 

But don’t let the idea of “putting in some work” make you get cold feet because it is something you will get to enjoy as time passes.

Customers are the heart of every marketing campaign, and they all start as leads.

So to generate leads at no cost, you’d have to

Leverage social media 

The need to get a social presence cannot be over-emphasized. You’d have to put yourself on social platforms where you think prospects are. 

If you want followership from Generation Z, you must be active on YouTube and TikTok, but if you want followership from the Millenials, then you’ve to be active on Facebook. If you want professionals, you’ve to be on LinkedIn. 

When I say being active on social media, I don’t mean checking and posting irrelevant things. You must come up with shareable content to engage your target audience.

Create a Community 

Have you heard of Forums like Reddit and Quora? If you’ve heard of it and you’re not maximizing, you’re missing out on many leads. 

People come to these places to find information. So, all you need to do is look for questions related to your services and answer them or create a thread to offer helpful insights and show authority in areas related to your niche.

You can also create a community on Facebook or  LinkedIn so that those with similar interests can join; then, you constantly give insightful tips; you can include CTAs that encourage followers to visit your website and provide their contact information.

Referral and give incentives 

It would be best to ask your present clients to recommend you to their friends and relatives. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies. 

One way to accomplish this is to provide discounts or exclusive deals to customers who send you referrals. You can use freebies if you want to use something other than exclusive deals.

Content Marketing and Search engine optimization 

You must create informative content, such as blog posts, e-books, videos, and infographics, tailored to your target audience’s needs and interests. 

You can use this content to generate leads by posting it on your website and social media and include calls to action (CTAs) that prompt readers to give you their email addresses in exchange for the content.

Also, you must optimize your website for search engines. You can do this by adding relevant keywords, title tags, and meta tags.

It’s essential that you rank on the search engine as it helps boost site visibility and increase the number of visitors and potential leads.

Guest Posting 

Guest posting is the best (and free) way to expand your online presence, advertise your goods and services, and find new customers.

When doing guest posting, you must provide top-notch content that ably reflects your familiarity with your field.

Also, it is in your best interest to focus on high-domain authority sites rather than low-DA sites. This is because authoritative websites are more likely to provide you with high-quality do-follow links, which search engines use to determine the domain’s ranking and visibility.

Nonetheless, guest posting on sites with a low domain authority (DA) might be helpful as it is easier to contact the editors to get your work published. 

But when publishing content on those sites, you must ensure they don’t contain spam links.


Consistency and Patience are the watchwords in marketing, and attraction marketing is no exception. However, using these methods, you’re assured of high conversion in the long term. 

The beauty of these strategies is that you can use all of them simultaneously, and it does not require you to be a computer guru to be tech-savvy; you can start now. 


The ultimate truth you need to know about leadership and responsibility

Leadership isn’t a position or title it’s a responsibility

Far too many people want the accolades but not the responsibility that accompanies being an authority figure .

It’s a leaders responsibility to facilitate an environment that encourages growth .

When leaders communicating and collaborating they are far more likely to inspire growth. In a business and a community.

Confident leaders are open and trans parent however insecure “leaders” aren’t transparent as they prefer to dictate and intimidate .

If you want people to be productive the environment has to be conducive to help encourage them to do so .

What I see is “leaders”dividing and manipulating people .

People want to do things in the work their communities and places but when they do they are criticized and penalized .

Some leaders want it that way so that they can maintain their position.

The world is evolving and if you aren’t growing and learning you’ll become extinct .

When you go against tradition you receive back lash but it’s necessary in order for you to grow and move forward .

You might be under the authority of bad management but you can learn and equip yourself .

Remember you can branch out and be independent but whilst you are under the authority of others absorb their knowledge .

Some people will teach you what to do while others will teach you what not to do.

In reality you are in a good position to capitalize as you can be much better than them when you get in position of authority.

You know what bad management looks like and you know what good management looks like.

With your knowledge you can be a much better leader than your predecessors .

Good leaders educate and inspire , incompetent leaders are defensive and more concerned with maintaining their positions .

A good leader demonstrates how things are supposed to be done .

When you have people in positions of authority with myopic view points there’s very little room if any for the people working under them to grow and contribute.

Some of you think you are leaders when you aren’t .

If you are person that likes controlling others you aren’t a leader .

Not everyone is leadership material . Some so called leaders say one thing and then turn around and do the opposite .

If you are working with people like that take notes so that you know how to not treat people .

You are not going to be under a persons wing all of your life but learn as much as possible so by the time you are ready to leave the nest you are prepared to take over vthe reigns .

Some people like the abuse and some just don’t tolerate it .

The captain of the team has a duty to listen to his/her team mates input .

We have team leaders that shouldn’t be team leaders as they just want to “lead ” and not listen .

Successful leaders listen, learns .

When you have people in authority whose chief concern is to maintain their position it limits the ability of the team to grow .

If you aren’t learning you aren’t growing

We live in fast paced world meaning people , technology and the way we do things change on a daily basis .

So it’s either you pivot and make the adjustments or become absolete .

The world isn’t going to Waite for us .

As a person in authority you need to take inventory .

You have been trusted to guide and fulfill obligations on behalf of the people you represent .

As the captain of the ship you have a moral responsibility not to lead people astray .

Seeing that you want total control you aren’t concerned about what is ahead of you .

You have got to have faith

Trust everyone to be who they are but trust in the fact that you see them well DMX quotes

In other words trust a liar to be a liar and trust a thief to be a thief .

We have people putting themselves forward to give off the appearance of them wanting to take responsibility and lead .

I judge people’s actions but I listen to their words .

It’s impossible to mislead me because I already anticipate people screwing up and intentionally trying to do me wrong .

I trust my instincts and you should trust yours too .

When you sense a vibe with some one listen to your intuition .

They can’t lead you astray if you aren’t following them

If you aren’t a follower you can’t be lead astray .

It’s the people that don’t think independently that get lead astray .

So yes you are responsible when a person or person’s mislead you , no one can mislead you without your participation .

Even if you got scammed, lied to you are partially responsible .

Take responsibility

You are a reflection of the company you keep .

If you associate with thieves sooner or later you’ll be doing mishievous things too .

Bad company corrupts good character so be mindful of the company you keep.


There are people that distanced themselves from me because they realized they couldn’t get me to conform to their ideologies .

Remain steadfast with dignity principles and morals . People are going to try and test you .



How to boost your confidence and easily overcome fear

Fear is false evidence appearing real .

Don’t allow fear to paralyze you .

Rejection deters people from trying but that’s only because they allow it to .

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have people that thinks everything is supposed to go their way .

Be optimistic but also accept the fact that you will make mistakes sometimes .

Your entitled to make mistakes so it’s not the end of the world when you do .

We all have challenges we are facing but it’s how you deal with the challenges that matters .

Fortunately we have choices and decisions to make regardless of what we are faced with.

When challenges arise you can either allow the challenge to consume you or take control of the situation .

As long as we have air in our loungues we will face difficulty .


Failure provokes fear

The greatest people in the world failed over and over .

People are ashamed of failure so much so they become reluctant to try .new and different things .

I don’t look at failure the same way the average person does . I look at failure as a stepping stone .

On the other hand Society has convinced people to think they shouldn’t fail hence why we have people acting like they know it all .

We cannot control the unknown

Don’t attempt to try and control the future because you can’t .

What you can do is prepare for tomorrow by doing the best that you can today .

It’s good to plan and write down your goals but you never know what you will run into on any given day.


Every one has flaws

Every one has flaws and things to work on in life . Don’t start thinking that your flaws are liabilities for they are unique attributes of your life .

I understand that you are trying to hide your insecurities out of fear however you have to learn to conquer and live with the fact that you have flaws as do all of us humans.

What triggers fear ?

Different things trigger fear and anxiety in people but the very thing you fear the most is what you need to face .

People get intimidated by what they feel that they can’t over come and or complete .

Life is a learning experience so don’t be ashamed of not knowing or being able to do something .

Seek clarity

Things that confuse you can serve as a deterrent hence why you need to ask questions and or do some research to get clarity .

When you get clarity you get confirmation which gives you the understanding needed to complete the task ahead of you .

The way to get over fear

Go ahead and make the mistake so that you can learn.

I didn’t say be reckless but do make a calculated effort .

Some of you are reluctant to try which creates more doubt and insecurities however you need to take action to get a result .

If you don’t take action it’s impossible to produce , measure and learn .

It’s normal to be fearful

I wouldn’t sit here and tell you not to be fearful but do not allow fear to consume you

Just because you are feeling intimidated doesn’t mean you can’t over come and conquer .

When you finally do do it your confidence will rise instantly .

Don’t be a prisoner of people’s opinions

People that talk about you don’t care about your well being ,furthermore you have no control of people’s thoughts and feelings untowrds you .

Stop trying to control the outcome

There’s nothing you me or any one else can do about the unknown besides dealing with it when the time comes .

.Nothing is guaranteed besides death other than death being guaranteed there is no assurance that you’ll fail or succeed.

If you don’t make an effort you will never figure things out so take the first step .

Action is the cure for doubt and insecurities .

What about theory ?

Theory is research oriented and practical is hands on . No matter how much information you consume you will make mistakes when you get in the field .


Nothing will boost your confidence like trying . If you sit idle you’ll never get it done .Trust yourself to enough to know that you’ll get it done and make mistakes in the process of doing it .


A few very important things that you need to learn about business and tax loopholes

Governments have a tendency to reward jod creation but most people don’t understand it from a business minded stand point.

For 1 1 There’s more people paying into the taxsystem when a new business is introduced.

2 There’s less people relying on financial assistance

People get bent out of shape when governments give developers tax breaks.

If you was to learn about tax loopholes your out look would change.

Earned income is taxed at a higher rate than investment income .

When you bortow money you don’t pay taxes on the money you borrow .

Employees get taxed and other deductions taken out like Insurance Payroll tax Hospital levey , Income tax ,Pension .

After all your deductions have been made what percentage of your check do you have left ?

Your employer pays a portion of your payroll tax and you pay a portion of your payroll tax .

If your employer is business savvy he)shemaximizes using expenses charitable contributions depreciation and loss carry forwards to reduce their taxes .

Some people think that it’s just the rich people that take advantage of tax loop holes .


What you should do is start a business scale it up and hire employees .

Governments all across the globe embrace inward investment although there are some that are regimental and conservative with their approach .

I live in Bermuda and our main pillars of the economy are International business and tourism .

Bermuda can’t survive without international business for the simple fact that we don’t manufacture or produce anything

We are at the mercy of international business .

There are countries that are underdeveloped getting funding from foreign countries like China and America .

If you want to invest in a business or a country you will get incentives and private financing .

A sane minded person isn’t going to refuse an investment in themself their country or their business unless of course if it’s being done dishonestly .


Get into the abundance mindset

The abundance mindset tells us that we can and will find away to get it done.

Poor mindset can’t think beyond their problems however to be successful you must look for solutions .

The world is in need of more problem solvers .

Leveraging is freedom

Self control , control of your time, money and freedom is of the utmost importance .

Warren Buffett controls only 1 business, the rest he is an investor i.e share holder .

Most of you get into business soley to get rich and want to control every aspect of it .

Micro managing defeats the purpose of attaining wealth .

The reason being is that all of your time is being consumed in t 1 area .

Say On the other hand you have staff and investors you have more time and freedom to do other things .

Growths come from leveraging time people and money .

Small business owners operate from a position of scarcity . If you don’t know how to leverage you can learn .

There are books, podcast, YouTube, Channels, Seminars that you can view to learn .

Most of us are good savers however saving money is not the way out of poverty . We must start taking advtage of tax loopholes and start investing money into capital appreciating assets

Don’t chase money

Money is a tool and it’s also something you attract .

You need to apply yourself in order to attract it . Theres a difference between chasing and attracting . 1 Person is adding value and solving and marketing their solutions attracts , the person is buying into get rich quick schemes and or scamming people is chasing .


You most definitely need financial discipline so if you aren’t eventually you’ll wipe your entire savings out.

The main thing is not to live beyond your means and also the allocating of monies for leisure and or recreation .

If it’s not a necessity why put yourself in debt ?

When it comes to your mental and physical health that’s a different thing however you should always put money aside for a rainy day just Incase of an emergency .

Invest your own money

If you keep trusting everyone else to invest and manage your money sooner or later you’ll run into problems

If some one else is investing and managing your money you aren’t keeping track of whats being spent . their money .


Chase your goals, learn skillsets and apply yourself . Not everyone wants to learn , not everyone wants to be an investor , some people are content with being employees .

If I lose money investing directly I could deal with that .If I entrusted some one else to invest my money and they lose my money I’ll be angry but I wouldn’t have no to blame but myself . How many atheletes and celebrities lost money ? They trusted accountants and money managers to manage their finances but those were the very same people mis managing their money .




5 of the most harsh truths about life and failure

We all know right from wrong and we all know that there are consequences for everything we do .

For every action there’s a reaction so don’t sit there and point fingers .

You knew exactly what you was getting into when you done it but now you want to play victim .

You want sympathy from the world but the world isn’t responsible for the decisions that you make .

As long as you keep kicking the can down the road you’ll never get closure and healing .

It’s time for you to stop living in denial and own up and no I am not here to force my beliefs on you .

If you choose to listen and learn good for you .

I know what it was like living in Denial .

You can’t heal until you admit there’s a problem that needs to be fixed .

There’s nothing wrong with having problems however Some people act like having problems is the worst thing in the world .

Don’t be afraid to get help if you need it however you should be mindful of who you ask for help .

Many hands don’t always make light work and a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link .

The only person standing in between you and your growth is yourself .

Get out of your own way.

I know all the tricks in the book having played them myself .

People are deceptive and willing to do anything to protect their image .

In most cases the image is masking unpleasant realities .

Instead of being honest with themselves they’d rather put on a front .

Liars and thieves don’t see errors in their ways . Any thing that suggest or lands at their feet is dismissed .

Living in denial is not healthy for it’s like having an open wound exposed to germs .

I couldn’t allow myself to run along with lies .

If I run along with lies that makes me a liar too .


Reality is truth and as long as we have air in our loungues we can’t avoid it no matter how much we try to deflect .

Start being honest with yourself The first person you have to be honest with is yourself .

Liars aren’t honest with themselves so why do you expect them to be honest with you ?

You are only fooling yourself .

To every action there’s a reaction . People lie to try avoiding the consequences but why do it knowing that there are repercussions ?

You know right from wrong .

It’s time to stop acting the fool and accept responsibility for your actions .

What do you gain from lying ?

It’s obvious that you like to lie but do you really want to be known as a liar ?

Walking around with a reputation like that is like walking around with a stench .

Some people like liars and thieves because they help to keep their illusions alive .

The truth provokes people’s insecurities .

The truth reveals good and bad however some people don’t want the skeletons in their closets exposed .

If you are honest

When you are honest and open there is nothing for you to hide .

Your personal business is your personal business however your lifestyle should reflect what you portray .

If you think about it you shouldn’t do anything behind closed doors that you wouldn’t want revealed publicly .

Everything comes to an end

“Success is rented not owned .”

When you get complacent you run into problems .

Success is only a lousy teacher when you allow it to get to your head .

Failure motivates me

Some people achieve things then get complacent .

Becoming successful means achieving and obtaining and maintaining something .

The true measurent of success is your ability to learn and apply yourself.


If you don’t learn from your mistakes you will repeat them .

There are people that thrive when the going is good but crumble in the midst of turmoil .

People that crumble in the face of difficulty are highly unlikely to achieve anything worth while .

Don’t back down

Like success failure leaves clues furthermore It’s not like we can go through life and not face opposition ,without opposition there is no balance . We can’t live without balance .

A car battery has a negative and a positive connection . Think about it .

Failure and success go hand in hand .

Be upright

I don’t associate with liars and thieves .

If I run with thieves what does that make me ?

I’ll leave that question for you to answer .

Most people are fronting so everything is not what it appears to be .

Let me break it down for you .

We have people with jewelry cars expensive clothing and cash in their pockets that are living from pay check to pay check .

I have nothing against living lavishly but when you put yourself in debt doing it I do .

When you know who you are

I know who I am so therefore I have no desire to impress you .

I am not trying to keep up with everyone else .

Does Pride come before every fall ?

Having pride will not cause you to fall but an uncontrolled ego will . I have pride too however I know how to keep my ego in check .

You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all of the people all the time Bob Marley


Important things you need to know about

Life is a journey not a destination .

It’s not what you aquire but what you learn and apply along the way .

The application of knowledge is a measurement of success .

Learning from your failures is a representation of success .

I love materialistic things too but to achieve any goal your priorities and your mind has to be in the right place .

If you don’t have a good head on your shoulders you are very unlikely to achieve anything worth while .

With that being said your biggest competitor is you and It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others .

When you start comparing yourself to others you expose yourself and will start making irrational decisions .

Your journey is unique and my journey is unique .


Furthermore there are different ways of achieving a goal .

You and I might want to achieve the same thing but choose different routes .

Not everyone that is successful is being honest .

Successful people want money, cars, jewelery just like you and I but some of them are selling dreams .

Very few are telling you about the hustle and behind the scenes work taking place .

The sweat, failure neglect and pain .

Everything harvest in season .

Give yourself a pat on the back and realize that it takes time for a foundation to set and it takes time for a fortress to be built .

You can lose everything over night but you can’t gain it over night.

Stop trying to force a result and allow the process to run it’s course .

If you skip steps eventually you’ll be back to square one .

Why not pace yourself and be patient ?

Do you not realize how much progress you have made already ?

Just for the mere fact that you have committed to the process is progress.

Progress isn’t just money clothes jewelry and cars .

Progress is educating inspiring and uplifting people too .

The journey is always going to be mysterious and there’s nothing you can do to control it .

What you control is your thoughts actions and attitude .


Life is like a roller coaster ride which makes it suspenseful and eventful .

No matter what you experience you will always have choices to make .

You can make a choice to do what’s right or do wrong .

Some of you want to debate what’s right and wrong however you can do that on your own time .

Now back to our discussion .

You need to asses yourself every now and then .

Don’t set deadlines but assign yourself task .

I don’t really like jotting down my goals , I would rather get them done .

If writing your goals down is feasible for you then go for it however ” a dream without action is a mere deception .”

Action breeds results and it’s action that’s going to give you a result to measure .

In other words get busy but be direct and intentional .

Me you or any one else can’t move faster than time .

I want to generate more money and accomplish other materialistic things too but I am patient .





Naturally every season has a season by nature so what makes you think that we are different ?

Your mind is geared towards success and not the process which is needed to achieve success .

As long as you keep learning and applying yourself the results you want will eventually manifest them selves .

Do not move along casually but move with urgency .

I don’t want you thinking that in being patient you shouldn’t be urgent .

Keep learning

Learning is crucial in every aspect of life however wise people learn from their mistakes not just success.

People attain knowledge but aren’t applying themselves .

What good is having knowledge if you aren’t applying it .

Be innovative

Measure success based on what you produce . If you aren’t producing how can you measure your progress ?

Progress is made when you make mistakes and correct the mistakes you have make .

Progress is not just in making money

Money can be used as a measurement of success however when it becomes your only priority you’ll run into issues .

Position yourself to attract money by solving problems .

Your time will come

Life is a blessing in of itself so every day is your day .

As far as achieving your goals and dreams that day of reckoning will come.

We all long for that day but Without hard work nothing grows but weeds .


You will suffer along the way without a shadow of doubt .

No pain no Gain .

Most of you want the results but you don’t want to deal with the agony of defeat .

Defeat shaped and molded me into the strong man that I am today .

Stop doubting yourself

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid Albert Einstein


4 very important money making principles you need

Some people spend money like drunken sailors and then there are people that don’t have a good track record for managing money but still insist on pulling the purse strings .

If you don’t have a good resume for managing money then you shouldn’t be in charge of the public purse or private business purse .

With your own money you can do what the heck you want .

A fool and his money shall soon part ways


I have seen people exhaust budgets and create large deficits .

This is not a post to tell you what to do but more so give advice for those of you who want it .

For those of you that don’t want the advice feel free not to read my entire post .

I value money and time .

Attracting money is one thing however maintaining and growing is totally different skill .

Most people live beyond their means .

Most people don’t know the difference between assets and liabilities although they think they do .

How many times have you heard of people winning lotteries and then goingoing broke ?

How many athletes and entertainers have you see sign multi million dollar contracts then end up broke during retirement ?

Uncle Sam doesn’t discriminate and wants his tax money .

Yes there are ways of reducing your taxes but that’s a whole different topic .

In addition to paying taxes we have bills to pay monthly bi-weekly weekly etc .

Budgeting and investing is fundamental .

Saving money is not as good as investing your money into capital appreciating assets .


The money you put in the bank only earns you a tiny percentage .

When you factor in inflation the gains you make in the bank get erroded .

It doesn’t help when you rack up credit card debt and debit card overdrafts .

When you start spending out more than you are bringing in you are putting yourself in a deficit .

The amount of people I see working 2 &3 jobs to compensate is insane .

All of this could be avoided with a few adjustments .

Instead of cutting back on expenditures and scaling down they’ll keep spending .

Instead of paying 2000 dollars per month in rent you could atleast find a place for $1800 or $1700 .

Now some of you have purchased condominiums which means you are committed to monthly mortgage and a maintenance fees .

In this particular scenario advertise your room and use it as an Air bnb and or find you a room mate to help offset your expenses .

If you can find some one to rent your place on a seasonal basis while you live with a relative for that period you can save a bit of money .

Money is to be attracted and not chased .

People that chase money end up with the least because they resort to desperate measures .

Desperate people will sell their services and self short just to win a contract or get a job .

They thirst for money but can’t manage it .

To each is own but some people haven’t learned how to allocate and invest money into things that will earn them a return on it .

Money hungry people aren’t rich and successful .

Rich people invest their money into assets but poor people focus their energy on chasing money .

It’s not how much you make it’s how much you can invest and grow .

I don’t get caught up into get rich quick schemes because it’s all a scam.

The financially illiterate and money hungry people fall for those traps .

I can’t stand being around people talking about money all day .

I prefer to listen to people talking about solutions .

Every one has problems that need to be solved so therefore the problem solver is the person generating in come .

People bypass that and look straight at the product .

A product can’t sell itself and I am not saying that the sales process is 100% human interaction and solution but majority of it is.

Skillsets solutions, conversations open the door for sales to be made .

Attracting money is not complicated however it’s an art .

Even more important is that it takes patience so if you aren’t patient you are bound to get scammed and possibly bank rupt your self .

Countless people have been scammed due to a lack of patience

People that are destitute for money are the easiest victims .

Scammers and deceivers are out here enticing and antagonizing people with screen shots that aren’t real or legal .

Don’t thirst for money

Being thirsty for money isn’t going to fatten up your bank account . You attract money by Applying your skillsets .

Be patient Don’t be in a hurry to get rich , it isn’t going to happen overnight .Do know that no matter how much you achieve there is still room for improvement .

Another thing You keep doing is measuring your growth based on what other people are doing and distracting yourself from the accomplishments you have made .

Read books

You can learn financial literacy on YouTube in books and or on podcast .

Investopedia is another good source to learn about finances but use discernment though .

Heres a lits of books you can invest in to learn about investing .

Intelligent investor

Common stock uncommon Profits Security analysis

Those are a few of the books that I have in my library .

Don’t get scammed .

Any one making promises to offer you huge returns in a short short period of time is lying . If you take and invest your money into stocks the interest will compound and over time you’ll get rich .

You only get out of life what you put in


5 important things to think about before you buy your next coaching program

Coaching programs are not the end all be all however learning from other people’s w experience is a wise move but we have to put things into proper perspective .

Most of you think that buying coaching packages are going to speed up the process you making sales .

It’s impossible to speed up the process although you can achieve your goals in less time than you anticipated .

You aren’t getting the results you won’t right now but a 6 figure earner told you he can help you get results .

Yes some of us have more experience than others but no one dictates or controls what when and how customers buy .

Most of the coaches are exaggerating to manipulate people .

When you eventually book consultations some of them become disingenuous .

Yes there are genuine coaches but more often than not most coaches don’t follow up unless it’s to pitch you an offer .

Before you decide to buy into your next coaching program do your research first .

I know what it’s like to get burnt by coaches but through it all there I learned hencewhy I am able to teach you .

Why are you booking consultation ?

Even if your coach has a magic wand he / she can’t wave or predict sales into existence

You want coaching because you want Sales but if you understood the process your perspective and expectations of your coach would be different .


Do you think that you are going generate sales rapidly ?

If you are booking or contracting me to improve your firms sales and social media campaigs you won’t see results overnight .

I can’t put a time frame on success so therefore If your intentions are to get rich overnight I am not interested in working with you .

I will not cheat my self or cheat you in the process .


Why pay for coaching ?

With all the information on social media why buy coaching packages ?

Yes invest in yourself however you have to be smart about it .

Know why you are investing and what you are investing in .

Buying a coaching program is an investment however if you can get the information at no cost why pay for it ?

At the end of the day you have to network, engage with customers and suppliers .

How about influencers ?

Celebrities have a lot of influence on their audiences but even if they are endorsing you there is still lots of work to be done to generate a sale .

Don’t think because a person has 1 million followers that they are making lots of money .

That person with 1 million followers might have 5% of their audience buying their products when they advertise .

Not everything on social media is what it appears to be .

Everyone seems to have the answer but having Patience is going to save you time money and head aches .

I used to buy coaching packages regularly however it wasn’t until I realized to make sales I needed to allow the process to manifest while I put in the work .

You should only pay a mentor to show you their process

Most of these coaches aren’t showing you they are telling you . You want results so therefore they should give you the blue prints . Don’t get me wrong because there are some very good honest coaches out there


Everyone of us online are students of the game . Yes some of us have achieved less or more than others but we all fail . Furthermore neither of us know it all .